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Never Forget 9-11 2015

You have no idea how much hate mail I get from locals who threaten me with violence, demanding I take down directions to their local swimming spot. I get it, you don’t want anyone to “destroy” your local swimming hole with graffiti and litter. But from what I’ve come to learn, this form of localism […]

Cliff Jumping Mt. Baldy Slide 8 2 15

Mt. Baldy has been catching a few thunderstorms this summer which have kept the water flowing nicely on the mountain. We rallied up a fat posse and spent the day drinking beer, smoking gange, cliff jumping and butt-sliding. Afterward, we cleaned up the place and yelled at a mom for leaving her shit-maker’s diaper behind […]

Fish Canyon Falls 4 11 15

We were blessed with rains last week so we decided to go to Fish Canyon Falls near Duarte to check and see if the pools were deep enough to swim. A lot has changed since the last time we went there nine years ago. Way more people than we expected, probably around 20 people hanging […]

Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs 1 22 14

GUAAAAAAADALUUUUUUPEEEEEE!!!! Man oh man, this was such an out of this world trip. A little background behind this place before I start. The Sea of Cortez split Baja California and mainland Mexico around 6-10 million years ago, Guadalupe Canyon hot springs has been barfing out hot water ever since. This place is not for everyone, […]


So I was lucky enough to get cheap tickets to Japan for a hot spring vacation. We reserved rooms at two different ryokans. We picked the easiest and least expensive ones to visit. Our trip began at Narita airport, we hopped on a shuttle to the Sheraton Miyako in Tokyo and settled in. We got […]

Hermit Falls Cliff Jumping 7 6 14

Hermit Falls is a cliff jumping spot in the greater Los Angeles area. It is located along Santa Anita Creek near the town of Arcadia. The trailhead begins at Chantry Flat and winds 2 miles down Santa Anita Canyon to a 40 foot waterfall. There is a swimmin hole above the falls with cliffs ranging […]

Aztec Falls 6 21 14

First day of summer we hiked on out to Aztec Falls for some cliff jumping madness. Got a huge posse together and brought my main jumpers Skorch, Oscar and Duncan to hurt themselves for the crowd. Aztec Falls is along Deep Creek in Lake Arrowhead. Directions: 210 east to 18 north and then east for […]

Jump or Die 4:20 4/20/14

Sup pendejos? Where were you this 4/20? You were probably smoking dabs in your room playing Call of Duty while us winners were out in Hesperia celebrating sweet lord Hitler’s birthday. We crushed over 600 beers and smoked all the weed in Southern California while you were getting noob toobed by a 4th grader. Next […]

Arroyo Seco Cliff Jumping 4/6/14

Sup putos, last weekend we went to Greenfield CA and camped at the Arroyo Seco Gorge. We raged so hard Saturday night we got kicked out early Sunday morning, apparently the others campers don’t like Sublime covers and hoagies. FUCK EM. We very hungoverly hiked out to the cliff jumping spot and spent the day […]

Pozar Hot Springs, Loutra Greece

The first part of the Red Fang/The Shrine/Lord Dying 2014 European tour ended in Thessaloniki and we had a day off before we flew back to Los Angeles. I rented a car and The Shrine, Olivia and I drove 1.5 hours to the Pozar thermal baths north of Edessa. We got in kinda late so […]

Gold Strike Hot Springs 1/9/14

What is up everybody? Last week LAS took a trip to Goldstrike Canyon for some hiking and soaking adventures. This hike is not for the weak, in fact, we saw about 30 life-lovers corpsed out along the trail; what better place to test your exit bag. While this trail would be considered “technical” we hiked […]

San Juan Hot Springs 1/4/14

San Juan Hot Springs is one of those spots I’ve been meaning to check out for a long time. I found some pix of the place on the internet awhile ago and never made it out there, but yesterday I finally got off my ass and explored. Melissa and I hiked in from the rear […]

Meadow Hot Springs 9 13 13

Did some swimmin and soaking over at Meadow Hot Spring south of Fillmore UT off Interstate 15. There are 3 hot spring pools in the area, two of them are soakable and the third is more like a fish pond. One of the pools is 40+ feet deep and scuba divers bring in their gear […]

Matilija Dam Cliff Jumping 8 4 13

There is a film coming out next year called DamNation, it’s a documentary about dams in America. It poses the question, “Does their utility outweigh their destructiveness?” Many individuals in the film agree that dams need to be destroyed to restore habitats for fish and animals, I am all for the destruction of most things, […]

Arroyo Seco 6 12 13

Hey everyone, it’s been a crazy summer and it hasn’t even started yet. We drove out to the Arroyo Seco river in the Ventana Wilderness for some cliff jumping insanity. We camped at the Arroyo Seco Campground operated by Rocky Mountain Recreation, woke up early and spent the day hiking, swimming and jumping. Water was […]

JUMP OR DIE 4 20 13

Spent 4:20 at Jump or Die on Deep Creek in Hesperia. Also known as Hesperia Falls, this spot boasts a 45 foot jump into a twelve foot deep pool. Despite the graffiti, this place is very scenic. It lies along the tail end of Deep Creek right before it drains into the Mojave River. A […]


Sup yall, recently LAS has been squeezing its way into the selling crap market. You can see our shirts and can coolies in the sidebar on the right, but we have also been making custom swim trunks inspired by vintage Jantzen swimwear. Local LA seamstress Melissa Poe hand makes these shorts to order, which means […]

Cliff Jumping in Oahu

Melissa and I took off to Oahu for two weeks to embark on a cliff jumping adventure. We stayed with OG LAS member Kaipo and his gf Jen. Jen let us borrow her truck the whole time so we hit up a different spot every day. Some of the places we wanted to go to […]

Spencer Hot Spring Austin, NV 11 29 12

We took off early morning from Alkali Hot Springs and drove up toward Austin on the 376 to Spencer Hot Spring. We stopped in Tonopah to get some supplies then made our way through Big Smoky Valley and up toward Petes Summit. We were originally going to Diana’s Punchbowl Hot Spring but the weather forecast […]

Alkali Hot Springs 11 28 12

So Melissa and I were gonna go to Ringbolt Hot Springs for the night and then head back to Los Angeles, but we got stung by the adventure stinkbug and chose to head up the 95 to Alkali Hot Spring near Goldfield, NV. We got in at night but the moon was full so we […]

Sapphire Falls 9 9 12

Went out to Sapphire Falls in Rancho Cucamonga for some cliff jumping adventures. Recently the city made it illegal to hike up the falls via the wash cuz some shithead resident keeps bitching about his swollen vagina. He doesn’t want people walking on his “property” and now the entire Rancho Cucamonga police force patrols the […]

Matilija Falls 8 3 12

So Vanessa and Djo came into town for a week to go camping and cliff jumping. Since we hadn’t been out to Matillija this year we drove to check it out. The Pump, Eddy and Ricky Baby met up with us and we randomly saw Daniel and his buddies when we woke up at the […]

The Mound 7 29 12

Went out to THE MOUND last weekend. Huge posse showed up for the cliff jumping show. Babes and beers and dudes and dogs and chrons. This spot is along Deep Creek in the San Bernardino National Forest up near Lake Arrowhead. Follow directions to Aztec Falls from Splinter’s Cabin but continue along the Pacific Crest […]

The Narrows 7 7 12

Sup bung tonguers? The other week we went out to The Narrows in Running Springs. This little spot is along Deep Creek in the the San Bernardino National Forest. The route there is not much of a hike, you just park at the end of a neighborhood road and walk down a small trail to […]

Sequoia Weekend 6 29 12

It was Melissa’s birthday July 1st and she wanted to camp so we spent an amazing weekend in the Sequoia National Park hiking and cliff jumping. We messaged the locals on FB and they met up with us on Friday to show us some of their spots. Friday we went to Potwisha where we jumped, […]

Red Rocks 6 24 12

Yo donglers! Went to Red Rocks out in the Los Padres National Forest above Santa Barbara. The road out to Red Rocks has been closed for over a year and it FINALLY opened earlier this spring. This spot is always super sick. There are a few deep spots along the Santa Ynez river which winds […]

Rindge Dam 6 23 12

Sup hookers?!?!?!?!?!!!! Last Saturday we went to the Rindge Dam out in Malibu Creek State Park. We parked the cars along Piuma Road and shuttled to the hike-down spot along Malibu Canyon Road. We crossed the top of the dam and made it down to the swimmin spot right before the rangers got there. There […]

Monkey Canyon 6 16 12

Sup brodies?! Last weekend we drove out to Monkey Canyon to check the water level hoping it would be deep enough to jump, it wasn’t. Usually the pool below the slide is 12 feet deep but since the Station Fire a couple years ago the entire canyon has been silted in. The water is only […]

Aztec Falls 6-14-12

Word homies. Last week Skorchie and I took a trip out to Lake Arrowhead to do some cliff jumping in Deep Creek. We brought Shadow and Jenny and met up with Derek at Aztec Falls. We spend the day cliff jumping and camped out on a sand bar along the creek. The next day we […]

Tar Creek 4 28 12

Tar Creek, fuck yes! It feels good to be back in LA. New York city kinda sucks for cliff jumping, I thought I was gonna find a rich cougar out there to pay for me to get drunk, but that didn’t happen. Fuck it. So this trip was pretty nuts. Definitely more people than we […]


Are you an EXTREME cliff jumper? Can you live out of a car with 3 other sweaty dudes for a month? Will your mom get mad if you are gone for a month? We are recruiting an extreme cliff jumper to co-star in a full length feature film about cliff jumping in California. You must […]

MALIBU CREEK Rock Pools 10 22 11

Last update of the year brodogs and brocats. Once again I apologize for the delay. This was the farewell trip for Throb before he left to New York. We had a huge posse on this trip. Everyone from everywhere came out and we DESTROYED the Rock Pools. Tons of cliff jumping madness abound. Some douche […]


Sup yall, on this trip Dress Kanz and Throb went on a weekend getaway to sit in some hot springs out in the Imperial Valley. First we stopped at Slab City Hot Springs out in Niland. We went to Salvation Mountain and stomped around a bit before we soaked. The water temperature was pretty hot […]


Awesome day trip for the Los Angeles Swim Crew. This is the one time our coordination efforts worked flawlessly. We met up with the Echo Park Crew, the Ventura heads and the Covina Mob at the gates to St. Thomas Aquinas College. We all cram-jammed in the back of Hippy James’ Tacoma and followed Macgyver’s […]

RINDGE DAM 8 29 11

Nutso day trip at the Rindge Dam in Malibu California. We had the 12 Feet Under Crew, The Baldwin Park Crew, LA Swim Swim and a swarm of random nad-slappers on this trip. We drove down and dropped off most of the people on the side of the road before we descend the cliff edge […]

SLO Trip 8 18-19 2011

Okay, shit, how do I start this. This trip was intense. Drove up alone from LA to Santa Barbara to meet up with ex-ex-ex-Kanz. We drove to the beach late at night and partied in the party van, “The Wet Stallion.” After a bottle of wine and some beers we passed out and woke up […]


Sorry this is super late, didn’t want this to be last priority on my list but it ended up being. This trip was epic. Throb, The Pump, Girth Brooks and Shred-D on this trip. We met up with the New Hampshire cliff haWgz for some killer swimmin. Pix tell the story.


Epic day of sliding with 3 swim crews in tow, LAS, 12 Feet Under and Gravity Gods. We met up at The Pump’s house and caravaned 4 cars up to Mt. Baldy. On this mission was Throb, The Pump, Taryn Ass, Joey Joe Joe, Skorch, Daniel, Leppard Kanz, Double Blumpkin, Holly Kanz, Freedom Nug, Kozmic […]


Fuck yeah! Another posse trip to our secret spot out near Switzer Falls. Well it’s not so secret cause we post directions on here, ha. We had to park halfway up the road because all the spots at the bottom were taken by jerk families BBQing at the picnic area. Isn’t that why people buy […]

Malibu Creek Rock Pools 7 27 11

Rolled out from Orange Cunty to the rock pools on Wednesday. Barely made it ahead of traffic, got there around 2:30. Hiked in. Perfect day, mellow, low eighties nice breeze. Married Kanz, Cousin Kanz and Lebanese Kans plus Throb on this trip. The hike was pretty quiet, walked by maybe 4 groups of people. When […]

Fish Creek 7 23 11

Posse day at Fish Creek Falls. Met up early at The Pump’s house with the Echo Park squadron. Got to the spot and met up with two more fine ladies, nine people altogether on this trip. Hiked up the canyon, jumped some cliffs, swung some ropes, drank some beers and sweated our way out. This […]

Tar Creek 7 17 2011

Super sick posse day at Tar Creek. The CCC Clan (Colin, Chelsea, Cairo) brought 2 peeps with them (John and Dave) while LAS rolled 5 deep with Throb, The Pump, Queefovanna, Unkie Mo and T. Bundy. We got word from Thomas Wayne Erst that the creek was still flowing, which was great news because we […]


Sorry about not updating, Throb has been in New York, New Hampshire and Iceland for the past month and a half, but as soon as he gets back there will be tons of updates. Be patient yall.

3 SISTERS FALLS 3/21/2011

BIG Group of homies all turned out for the First Major trip of the year. Met some new internet buddies and Hope to get down with them again. We got some posse photos but they need to be developed. The raging rapids or 3 sisters falls destroyed my go pro camera but it was because […]


Had a super amazing time at Bagby Hot Springs. Just got the film developed so I’m posting this now. Slam, and Throb on this trip. Drove out in the rain and got to the trailhead and it was pretty crappy out. Ate some mushroom chocolates and hiked about a mile to the tubs. The tall […]

Holy Jim Falls 1 23 11

Hike to Holy Jim Falls. Takes about an hour and a half to get there cause the road is blocked off due to rain damage. On this hike: Throb and ex-Kanz Kitty Momma #3. Google directions cause I’m too lazy to post them.

Gaviota Hot Springs 11 20 2010

Went up to Gaviota this weekend. Bro posse only. Met up with James Cock and Dan Penis and of course Throb and The Pump represented. Went to score a camp site at Gaviota State Park but apparently they are no longer letting people camp there due to state budget cuts. So we went on the […]


Great trip to le ole dep crek. Bypassed the Bowen Raunch and parked near the freedom trailhead. Truck kept crapping out so only made it about 1/4 mile to the freedom trailhead. Hiked in about 4pm Sat and soaked well into the night. We shared the hot springs with group of young nudists called VitaNuda. […]


Late night session, got in to the springs around 2pm. Stopped at a liquor store on the way and it was closed but the living above it gave us a full bottle of Dewars for free. Thanks alot random dude, you are the man. Partied till the sun came up. Throb, Mahotguy, BGrel and Vajazzler. […]


Strange weather in LA right now. Rained Saturday then was warm and humid Sunday. We took a trip to the home base up at Chantry Flats. On this trip was Throb, The Pump, Puppy Bufflove, The Brainiac and Jew Kans. Jumped the lower falls as soon as we got there, water is barely deep enough. […]

Lost in the Vault

Sorry everyone about the slow year. Throb and Deepfloat broke up mid summer and the crew has been in shambles. Deepfloat was one of the primary modes of transport for the crew and shes off doing other things now. Don’t enjoy airing our dirty laundry out on the site but there needs to be some […]

Tenaja Falls 7 3 10

Long drive out to this swimmin hole near Lake Elsinore. After the spring rains this hole is finally deep enough to swim. Water is flowing barely above a trickle but enough to keep the water from stagnating. Came in with Throb, The Pump, Deep Float, B-Ram and Necknerd. There was a family down there partying […]

MATILIJA FALLS 6 25-27 2010

An amazing trip to this awesome spot. Had a huge posse including the likes of: Throb, Deep Float, B-Ram, D’z Nuzz, Jeff Mahotguy, The Brothers Guay, CHunt, Senior Bulge, Dr. Statutory and Megan’s Law. Took PCH most of the way from Venice. Perfect 80 degree weather and the water was refreshing. We swam at night […]


Short little hike in Thousand Oaks to an illegal swimmin hole. It’s not illegal to be there just illegal to swim. So as you may see Throb in the air in some of these photos he never hit the water, he has the ability to levitate. SO Los Angeles Swimmin does not encourage anyone to […]


Took a trip to Stoddard Falls a month ago and just got the film developed. Sorry it took so long but i am a lazy mexican so bite it. Got a tip from David Squall about Stoddard so we went and checked it out but, alas, no cliff jumping. Looks like the pools were silted […]


Spent the night on Eagle Peak. Woke up next morning ate some breakfast and went to the falls. Tons of people on the trail, even some dick-ass hunters shooting at some quail. Glad they didn’t catch anything. Hike in was very easy, hike back out… not so fun. Felt good on a warm spring morning […]


Spot was silted in, still got a little jumping on. Water was flowing pretty good but too much sand. Directions: From the town of Ramona CA, drive east to Sutherland Dam Road then go left. Drive about 4 miles till you get to a bridge on the right. Cross the bridge and drive for approximately […]


Fun trip, road to Mutau Flat is closed till June 1st so we altered our plans. Hiked from Piedra Blanca trailhead to Willett then camped and soaked. Hiked to Bear Creek Camp the next day and swam then camped. Hiked back the third day and ate pizza. To get to Piedra Blanca trailhead head up […]


Dr. Chilito and KKKanz are moving to the Hawaiian islands. Hope they continue the cliff jumping legacy and show up some howlies. Good bye soak and party at deep creek this Friday. Hope everything works out the best for them. You two will be missed.


GREAT camping and soaking over the weekend. Went to Little Caliente hot spring on Saturday night, camped at Mono Campground then hit Big Caliente on Sunday. Forgot to load film Saturday like an idiot so no 35mm pix of Little Caliente, but other crew members got digital pix and they will be posted asap. Directions […]


This mission was kind of a failure. We couldnt find 2 of the spots we were looking for and the Corona del Mar spot was on lockdown. So here are a few pics from some beaches and one cliff jump spot at table rock beach. Directions to Tablerock beach are as follows: Take Interstate 5 […]


Awesome day trip to Aztec falls. We hiked in to Aztec via Splinters Cabin. Afterward we hiked 25 min downstream to another swim spot. Fun time, big posse on this one. Hope The Pump is killin it in NH. Directions: 210 east to 18 north and then east for 18 miles to Crest Park. Drive […]

Deep Creek 8 8,9 09

Hiked to Deep Creek Hot Springs via Bradford Ridge trail, this trail sucks. As much of a pain it is to pay the 10 bucks at Bowen Ranch, the hike from there is definitely easier than this route. Or if you have an OHV you can start up at the Freedom Trailhead. We met up […]


This hike was very long and ruthless. We decided to hike from Colby Camp to Monkey Canyon, we only made it to the bridge. This hike took us about 6 hours plus. First half of the hike there was water, but it wasn’t flowing too well. Lots of swimmin holes on the way and a […]


Another crowded day at Chantry Flats. Full parking lot and tons of idiots running around with their unleashed dogs. We made it out to this place around 2pm then hiked in. Trail is super simple on the way in, half of it is in the sun the other half under the treeline. Took us about […]

Potrero John Falls Hike

Nice hike but no swimmin on this one. Water flow was low and pool looked like it had leeches in it. Directions: From Ventura, Travel north on Highway 33 for about 32 miles to the trailhead on the right(north) side of the road. The trailhead is right after a bridge and the parking spot can […]

Froot Bowlz 7 11 09

Another trip to the Froot Bowlz. Water was getting a little low but not stagnant. Driving Directions- Take angels crest hwy north from La Canada/Flintridge. About 30 min of driving and you will near Switzer’s Campround. Drive down to the lower parking lot and park. Follow the trail down the creek and head on the […]

GOULD MESA 5 22 09

Great hike through the woods above JPL. Cliff jumping would be better during wet season. Pool is at the base of a small concrete dam. Fun short hike, and you can even mt bike this trail. Parking is a bizneoizneotch. Tons of mt bikers take this trail all weekend so have a blast looking for […]


Amazing trip as always to Matillija falls in Ojai. Spend 2 nights camping and swimmin and eating the shit out of some smart dogs and vegan chili. Drank a crap ton of whiskey and pooped like no other. The water was perfect and no one else was bugging us the whole time. Saw a few […]


Great hike to the grotto with the the old lady. Saw one other person on the trail and heard tons of snakes. The grotto is pretty scary, if you are a wimp. Tons of newts swimmin around and swimmy garter snakes. Direction follow: Circle X Ranch is 5 ½ miles from Pacific Coast Highway on […]


One of the easier to get to spot makes this place very crowded especially on the weekends. Expect at least 50 people on any given weekend in the late spring/summer. This hike was taken from the trailhead along Mullholland Dr. You can choose to park in the state park parking lot and pay the 10 […]


Took the long hike to the bridge to nowhere. Sort of an exhausting hike on a hot day. The swimmin spot was pretty small but still fun. Directions are as follows. From Interstate 10 or the 210 freeway, exit on Azusa and head north 10 miles or so, paralleling the San Gabriel Dam on your […]


A fun Sunday afternoon in the Angeles National Forest. We possed up to the Big Tujunga Canyon Narrows and sloshed our way down the Monkey Canyon. Present on this trip was Throb, The Pump, Uncle Crunch Wrap Supreme, Skull Strap, Tan Kanz, Ricky Ricardo and Captain Dongleberry. We ass-slid down the side of the cliff […]


This was a nice hike, real nice actually. Had two dogs on deck, Barfer and Lil Chuy. Dildozer, Street Meat and Throb on this trip. Went to Wildwood park in Thousand Oaks, hiked for a bit then went to the falls. Fall were flowing well, the dogs were romping about and some jumping was had. […]