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Los Angeles… Fishin?

Me and mY old man went on a Fishing adventure this weekend. Had amazing weather and hit a few spots near bishop and mammoth, as well as A bunch of local places here in Los Angeles. Quite a fun time. Wish we had taken more pics of the fish. They were biting.


Floater and Throbbb took a trip to Arizona for a few days, met up with Poppa Throb. A few pix, wish we coulda stayed longer. Seven Falls was full of sand but Round Valley area on Sycamore Creek had tons of water. No massive jumps.

TAR CREEK 3 7 09

Brutal trip to Tar Creek. Lil Chewbakkka, Alston, KKKanz and Throb on this hike. Finally made it to the lower falls where we saw Chango, Camtron and his crew. Those dude/bros/chillas rep hard. Throb was all chicken shit to do the lower falls jump till Chango fucking hucked it and lived. Rest of the crew […]

LION CREEK 2 28 09

Hopefully we can be on top of these posts a little better. Like posting the following monday after each hike, but for now we are backposting a few trips that have not been logged. On this trip we had B-Ram, Throb, Professor Encherido and Kanz. It is manditory that everyone does the claw at least […]


Rainy day hike to Eaton Canyon in search of the ridge gap to the upper falls. We stopped about 1/4 mile to the falls when it began to hail, freaking scary. Directions: Take 210 to Michilinda North. Then left on Sierra Madre, right on New York, left on Eaton Canyon dr. Go to end of […]


Nice hike in Palm Springs, we must have missed the crowds of old and rich people. Left the trailhead at around 3pm, a nice 2.5 mile hike to a set of waterfalls. Water was pretty F-ing cold. I suggest hiking this in the mid spring before it gets too hot in the desert. Also spring […]


This was a really nice hike minus the millions of old farts/euro trash/rich ladies walking dogs/UCSB douchers. Directions: To get to these falls you need to go to the end of Tunnel Road in Santa Barbara. Take the 101 exit Mission and head toward the mountains. Go left on Laguna, right on Los Olivios, left […]