Free Fall: The Rise of Cliff Diving in America

We have finally got to the finishing stages of our cliff jumping documentary film, the release date is November of this year, but one thing is preventing us from releasing the movie, cha-ching! You guessed it, $$$ MONEY $$$

What we are hoping is you check out the trailer to the film, get the biggest boner in the world about it, and DONATE.

If you have used our website for directions to any spots you know that we run this site free of ads. We do this cuz cliff jumping and hot springs are our passion, we never asked to get paid for helping you find plans for the weekend. So, in hopes that you will return the favor, please donate to our project. The rewards are shlong-tastic: Stoner Octopus, Drunk Skeleton, PIZZA ISLAND HEAVEN!!! You are definitely getting your money’s worth.

So click below and watch the trailer and hop on over to Kickstarter and donate, your life depends on it!

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