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Tule River Cliff Jumping 7/20/14

The Tule River is the best spot to spend a weekend camping and cliff jumping. If you’re lucky enough to get a camp spot at Wishon Campground you have the perfect home base for the best weekend ever. The only problem is it’s next to impossible to get a camp site there. You have to reserve one online like 10 years in advance, and even then some asshole will try to steal your spot.

This video was filmed at a few places along the river. The first is at the turnout underneath the flume before the Wishon turnoff. The second spot is the slides on the road to Camp Wishon about 1/4 mile after you turn. The third spot is directly upstream about 200 yards from Tule Falls, and the last spot is the falls. All these places are within minutes of each other. There are also many other places to swim along the river like Coffee Camp and Trojan Hole, the only problem is those spots are crowded as all hell, in fact, the parking lots were full and the rangers closed the gates and posted signs notifying drivers that you couldn’t park there.

This weekend was perfect, thanks everyone for coming out. Tommy you rule with that huge swan, Mike is the man with the 50 foot gainer, Andrew still killed it with the 50 foot suicide on broken ribs and Shannon did her first backflip ever. Couldn’t ask for a better time. Enjoy the video.

Directions to the falls: take the 190 east past Porterville/Lake Success/Springville to the Camp Wishon turnoff (M208). Continue along the 190 for 1.7 miles and park at the turnout on the right along the curve. Pickup the trailhead behind the Forest Service signboard and travel upsteam along the trail for 50 yards then you will come to a junction. Take the right fork and head downstream for 0.3 miles to the base of the falls.

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  1. Ian
    Ian says:

    Hey just wondering for the wishon slides, when you say a quarter mile after the turn. DO you mean once you get on the 208 its .25 mile. or do you mean it is .25 mile after the wishon campground ?

  2. Kevin dePfyffer
    Kevin dePfyffer says:

    OMG, I use to go here back in the 90s every weekend with Fred in his silver bug. Great times! So freaking pumped to see this, gota show my kids! lol thanks for sharing guys, love it – BTW anyone ever meet springville bill up there? if you have , what a trip lol

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