Pozar Hot Springs, Loutra Greece

The first part of the Red Fang/The Shrine/Lord Dying 2014 European tour ended in Thessaloniki and we had a day off before we flew back to Los Angeles. I rented a car and The Shrine, Olivia and I drove 1.5 hours to the Pozar thermal baths north of Edessa. We got in kinda late so we hiked up the river for an hour then came back and soaked in the pools in town.

There are several hotels in the area with spas and pools all fueled by thermal water, other than soak and hike there is nothing else to do in this town. You can easily come here in the morning, hike 10km to the hot springs source, dick around in some caves, soak and be out before nightfall. Since it’s sorta in the middle of nowhere near the Macedonian border you might want to hit this place up if you are driving down from the north. The big pool in town cost 2 Euros to soak in but there are two more just sitting on the side of the river that are smaller, have less man-thongs and are free.

After soaking, we clogged all the toilets in the town and it exploded, we are now banned from Greece.

Directions from Edessa:









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