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San Juan Hot Springs 1/4/14

San Juan Hot Springs is one of those spots I’ve been meaning to check out for a long time. I found some pix of the place on the internet awhile ago and never made it out there, but yesterday I finally got off my ass and explored. Melissa and I hiked in from the rear gate to Casper Wilderness Park which is located off Hot Spring Canyon road right near the fire station. The gate is closed and “No Trespassing” signs are posted but you can easily slip through the gate even with a giant backpack on. The hike took us about 5 minutes to get to the pools. If you don’t want to break the law you can enter through the main gate and pay the $5 visitor fee and hike 5+ miles round trip to the hot springs. It’s your call.

There are 4 pools located near each other but only one is cool enough to soak. Also, there are bee stacks nearby which I’m sure were placed there to stop people from soaking so BEE careful not to get stung. The soakable pool is the square concrete one, it sits 4 people and is about 102 degrees. When we got there an older woman was alone soaking nude, she asked if we were part of “Linny’s group” which is probably the “Local’s Only” code to soak there. She was totally weird, didn’t want us to soak with her, and I’m pretty sure she called the rangers on us. She said she would leave if we wanted to soak, we did, so she got up, toweled off then hiked back the same way we came. She obviously hiked in illegally and was pissed off that we found out about the place. After about 30 minutes of soaking the “rangers” from Casper’s Wilderness Park drove up on us and told us to get out. They said we could be there, we just weren’t allowed to soak, especially nude. There were zero “No Soaking” signs so technically you can soak there, you’re just gonna have to talk your way out of the ticket if you get caught. I normally don’t post about secret places, but this lady was such a cunt with her “Local’s Only” mentality I’m posting about it so it gets blown the fuck up and the place gets shut down. Which is proof that one person can fuck it up for everyone by having a shitty attitude, enjoy the mess you made.

My suggestions for this soak: show up at night, don’t park in front of the gate, keep your party down to 4 or less, be quiet, and play ignorant if you get caught. I’ve left enough clues on how to get to there, Google Map it yourself and go fucking explore!

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