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Gold Strike Hot Springs 1/9/14

What is up everybody? Last week LAS took a trip to Goldstrike Canyon for some hiking and soaking adventures. This hike is not for the weak, in fact, we saw about 30 life-lovers corpsed out along the trail; what better place to test your exit bag. While this trail would be considered “technical” we hiked it with 30lb bags, drunk and in the dark. I would not suggest you hike in this fashion, lest you have GIGANTIC HAIRY TESTICLES like we do.

The first 1.5 miles of the trail is fairly straightforward, hike along a sandy dirt path following the canyon until it opens up at some phone lines. From this point onward the canyon becomes treacherous, if there’s no ropes you’re fucked. I suggest bringing at least 50 feet of rope in case some dickbag cut them down. You descend 4 obstacles, the largest around 20 feet, before reaching the first hot spring tub. At 2 miles in, this is where we set camp for the night. We had the place to ourselves so we dropped trou and slid into the tub. This pool has a cave behind it that can only be reached by swimming under a narrow slot to the inside. Since it was only 3 dudes on this trip we did not pork, but this would be the perfect place to do so.

The second day we hiked the last half mile to the Colorado river where we pumped some water and chilled out. The trail boasts another 3 sketchy-ass rope descents. At one of these ropes we got stuck behind a group of 5,000 senior citizens, this bottleneck cost us about an hour of waiting, so bring a DS and play some Mariokart if this happens to you. The last pool rests about 200 yards from the river and has flat ground for tents and a fire pit. We set up camp for the night, soaked, and may or may not have eaten a bunch of mushrooms and tripped the fuck out.

Our hike through the canyon was sketchy as balls, but well worth it. On a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being a walk to the fridge to get a beer and 10 being climbing mount Kilimanjaro naked on acid, I’d give this hike a 5 billion. Don’t hike it, you will die.

DIRECTIONS: From Las Vegas take the 215 East to the 515 East to 93 East. Take exit 2 for the Hoover Dam and go right. The road goes to the left and end shortly at the Gold Strike Canyon Trailhead. Hike down naked and fart the whole way, bring a dog so he can fart too.

GS Canyon1





GS Canyon4b






GS Canyon5



GS Canyon3


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