Hermit Falls Cliff Jumping 6 15 13

Hermit Falls is a cliff jumping spot in the greater Los Angeles area. It is located along Santa Anita Creek near the town of Arcadia. The trailhead begins at Chantry Flat and winds 2 miles down Santa Anita Canyon to a 40 foot waterfall. There is a swimmin hole above the falls with cliffs ranging from 10-40 feet, the pool below the falls has jumps from 20-60 feet. If you plan to come during the summer parking is a hectic shit-show. You will most likely park an extra mile down the road making the total hiking distance 6 miles. Occasionally sand washes in making the depth unsuitable for diving, always check before you jump.

Directions: From the Foothill Freeway (210) in Arcadia, exit on Santa Anita Avenue and drive six miles north to its end at Chantry Flat. The trail begins at the bottom of the parking lot at a locked road gate near the bathroom. Follow the paved road till you get to a sign designating the trail for Hermit Falls. Hike the switchbacks till you get to the creek bottom and follow the trail downstream about 2 till you see a very noticeable 40 foot waterfall.

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