Custom Swim Trunks


Sup yall, recently LAS has been squeezing its way into the selling crap market. You can see our shirts and can coolies in the sidebar on the right, but we have also been making custom swim trunks inspired by vintage Jantzen swimwear. Local LA seamstress Melissa Poe hand makes these shorts to order, which means you get to choose the color and trim and be the only person on the planet to own that specific pair of trunks. Check out the sexy photos of Throb below struttin his man-package at Deep Creek in them. Click HERE for the link to Melissa’s Etsy page. Each pair is made from a heavy duty polyester/cotton blend and has been tested to withstand a 50 foot cliff jump to the crotch.

Support indie commerce! Without your help we cannot thrive. You will not only look wicked-fresh in these shorts, you will also feel a sense of pride for contributing to local business.

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