Spencer Hot Spring Austin, NV 11 29 12

We took off early morning from Alkali Hot Springs and drove up toward Austin on the 376 to Spencer Hot Spring. We stopped in Tonopah to get some supplies then made our way through Big Smoky Valley and up toward Petes Summit. We were originally going to Diana’s Punchbowl Hot Spring but the weather forecast called for rain and we didn’t want to get stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere in Melissa’s slammed down VW Rabbit. We played it safe and went to Spencer Hot Spring instead.

Spencer consists of two sets of hot springs, an upper and lower. When we got there no one was around, we had the whole place to ourselves for the day. We soaked in the lower hot spring the first night because the tub is temperature controlled and it was a little nippy out. We set up our tent right next to the hot spring and used the car as a windwall. We got a good 3 hour soak in, took a bunch of pictures, watched the sunset, drank a billion beers and made dinner. By the time we were done eating the wind was blowing furiously and we decided to seek refuge in our tent.

We awoke the next morning to zero wind, in fact it was nice enough to walk around without a jacket on. We cooked some breakfast and I took a huge dump. As I was plopping, a car drove down from the upper springs right past me, they must have drove up there while we were asleep, they got a free poo show. Since the weather was fair we drove to the upper spring for a morning soak. After a few beers we took off to check out Kyle Hot Spring, which will be the next blog post.

Directions from Austin, Nevada: Drive east on the 50 and make a right (south) on the 376. Make an immediate left (east) on NF-001 which is a graded dirt road with a sign for Toquime Cave. Drive 5.6 miles to a Y split, take the left side for 1.6 miles up a small hill to the round tub. Drive up the hill another 500 yards for the second pool. You can totally camp at this place, there is soft flat ground and fire pits. Just pack out all your trash and keep the place clean.

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  1. Graham
    Graham says:

    Drove from Bay Area to Spencer Hot Spring with an overnight in Reno on Dec 26th. Outstanding spring, no smell, no trash and no one but the burros around. Left our jackets and stuff in Jeep and slipped in for a wonderful soak. Outside temp 8 dregrees, tub temp 101.
    Thaks for the great pics, they encouraged the Mrs to follow Mellissa’s example of what to wear.

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