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The last stop on our trip through Nevada was Kyle Hot Spring out near Mill City. This place is pretty easy to get to and you can camp right next to the hot spring. The tubs consist of two giant water troughs, one around 103 degrees and the other around 96 degrees. It was a little windy when we arrived so we jumped in the hot one and soaked for a bit.

After listening to Black Sabbath and drinking half a bottle of bourbon, we got out and lit up a fire. There was a giant rock fire pit and a bunch of wood scraps lying around so it didn’t take much to get the fire going. We cooked some vegan chili dogs and some soup then drank a few beers and soaked again. The moon was still very full and we had the whole place to ourselves. After about an hour we crashed out in the tent. Around 5 in the morning we woke up to coyotes barking and howling right next to us. I realized I don’t know what to do when coyotes are around so we just kept quiet until they went away.

This was the first time we made it out to Nevada to sit in some hot springs. There were a bunch of places that we wanted to go to but realized our car wouldn’t make it. Next time I’ll take the Blazer and we can blow a couple hundred bux on gas exploring the area.

Directions from Winnemucca: Drive the I80 east to Mill City and go south on the 400, after 16 miles you will see a dirt road on the left with a sign for Kyle Hot Spring. Drive 9.5 miles to a fork in the road and make a left. Then 1.5 miles to the hot spring which sits atop a small hill. Again I shouldn’t have to mention for you to CLEAN UP YOUR GARBAGE!

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