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Sup homies. Sorry we didn’t invite anyone last weekend out to Deep Creek. We assumed everyone would still be at Tar Creek before the water runs out so we didn’t post an invite. Too bad for you culos because Deep Creek was AWESOME.

We drove out to Bowen Ranch in Apple Valley on Saturday morning, paid the overnight fee and parked. Hiked down the trail to the hot springs and walked right past it. We were on a mission to get to the other hot springs a mile upstream. These are some of the “secret” ones that you honkies don’t know about. Let me inform you, there are 4 sets of hot springs along Deep Creek. Only a few are soakable and we wanted to check them out. After about 30 minutes we arrived at the “Warm Spring” area. The term “warm” is used loosely, in fact these pools are almost the perfect temperature at 100 degrees. During winter and high water these pools are submerged in the creek, but early summer they emerge for THE SOAKENING.

Two pools are cemented into the north side of the canyon wall, they are noticeable from the trail across the creek if you know what you are looking for. There is a small spur trail that climbs down to the creek bed. One tub can fit 6 people and the other can fit two lovers comfortably. There are cliff jumping spots directly downstream reaching from 10 to 25 feet high. The water was 10 feet deep in some spots, just deep enough for Skorch to huck some wicked swan dives off. We camped out and spent the following day cliff jumping and soaking down at the regular hot springs. What an amazing weekend!

Directions: Deep Creek Volunteers

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  1. Angelica Zamudio
    Angelica Zamudio says:

    Do we need to contact anyone before arriving? For instance do we need to make reservations for camping? Also, are dogs allowed?

  2. nathan
    nathan says:

    Directions to deep creek hot springs via freedom trail
    from the L.A. area take the 15 fwy north exit main st turn right and go 7.1 miles and turn right onto to rock springs rd. as you pass Kiowa rd., rock springs turn into round up way, continue on round up way another 2 miles, the road turns from pavement to dirt. Zero out your odometer when the road turn to dirt and continue on to Bowen ranch road (JF3310), make a right onto Bowen ranch rd. you will come to one big fork in the road just stay to your right and keep driving at about 4.7 mi you’ll pass round mountain ranch and cross over a cattle guard . At around 6 miles you will come up on a fork in the road, the entrance to Bowen ranch on the left and the road to freedom trail on the right (JF 4325). The road to the right looks really scary but it’s not that bad and it’s only that bad in the beginning. Any suv or med to high clearance vehicle will be fine even small cars can do this if they drive smart. At around at 7 miles you will come up on a fork in the rd. keep left onto (JF 3320) at around 7.5 miles the barbwire fence will come up on your left again the road goes uphill and at about 8 miles starts downhill, take this slow it’s a little tricky and rough. The next left will be coming up shortly after at around 8.3 miles, continue on around 8.7miles you’ll come to the last tough spot a small uphill stay to the right and keep moving the parking area is another 100 yards down the hill 8.8 mi and the trail begins to the right . It’s a very easy trail to fallow but a little steep challenging just like Bowen ranch only 1 mile to the hot springs and no ridiculous fee of 5$ per person. Please know your limits bring and plenty of water.

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