Aztec Falls 6-14-12

Word homies. Last week Skorchie and I took a trip out to Lake Arrowhead to do some cliff jumping in Deep Creek. We brought Shadow and Jenny and met up with Derek at Aztec Falls. We spend the day cliff jumping and camped out on a sand bar along the creek. The next day we hike downstream to THE MOUND where we spent a few hours jumping and swimmin.

The water at Aztec was only 7 feet in the deepest spot which made it hard to get any huge jumps in. Sand washed in last year and hasn’t found its way out yet. We decided to hike downstream a mile to The Mound where the water was well over 12 feet deep in most spots. The Mound has jumps ranging from 20 feet to 35 as well as smaller rocks surrounding it. There is also a 70 foot jump on the cliffs above the canyon that is only for the ballsy.

We had an amazing time and will definitely be back later this summer.

Directions: 210 east to 18 north and then east for 18 miles to Crest Park. Drive 3.1 miles north on State Road 173 through Lake Arrowhead then right on Hook Creek Road. Travel 3 miles east on Hook Creek, then bear left a short distance on Squint Ranch Road to a gate and Park. Then hike .45 miles to Splinter’s Cabin, cross the creek on the left to access the Pacific Crest Trail. Hike .4 miles north (downstream) on the PCT to some spraypainted trees on the right. This is the trailspur that leads to Aztec Falls. For The Mound go one mile past Aztec along the PCT and look for a giant mound popping out from the middle of the creek. Descend carefully down the cliff along a slide of rocks to the canyon bottom.

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  1. gnar gnar
    gnar gnar says:

    this is my local spot and i love this place but the now shallow pool kills it for the good jumps. where is that other spot your talking about down river?

  2. stonybear
    stonybear says:

    Hey a group of friends and myself are heading out on the 7th, is that the week you guys are gonna be around??? If so would you mind a couple tag alongs so we don’t get lost. Im really diggin what you got goin on here man. Peace

  3. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    Yeah, that weekend we will be in Lake Arrowhead either at the spot below Aztec Falls or at a spot called The Narrows in Running Springs. Add us on FB and get invites to our trips!

  4. Devon
    Devon says:

    I didn’t find a group on facebook for you guys but I did find Brett Winterson (hopefully its the right one haha).
    Been following you guys for some time now and good to see you guys are back at it. Hoping I could come out hit up these dope spots someday with you guys.

  5. Michael
    Michael says:

    Does the Aztec falls have enough water this year for good jumps and do you know if the trail is open for hiking?

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