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Tar Creek, fuck yes! It feels good to be back in LA. New York city kinda sucks for cliff jumping, I thought I was gonna find a rich cougar out there to pay for me to get drunk, but that didn’t happen. Fuck it.

So this trip was pretty nuts. Definitely more people than we could coordinate. I hope the Taco Bell bathroom in Fillmore could handle all of our dumps. We finally got to the trailhead around noon and down to the cascades before 1:00.

Spent a few hours jumping and setting up camp then rock hopped about 20 minutes down to the 70 footer. There was a good amount of water still pouring over the falls. The pool was about 12 feet deep and decently cold. Spent a good hour hanging out, drinking beers, jumping and sliding. After the men jumped the top of the falls, we scrambled 15 more minutes down to the lower pool. The water was a bit warmer here because more sun hits it. We jumped the 40 footer and dove off the smaller rock. After an hour or so we hiked back to the tents and got our slop on.

Sunday morning we awoke to more people piling into the place. I’d say a good 100 people came and went this weekend. We jumped the rest of the day and began hiking out around 5:00. Got to the car an hour later and drove back to LA.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and rocked shit. A big fuck you to those who left their trash behind for us to clean up. Please pack out what you pack in. If you have extra room in your bag, grab as much random trash as you can carry.

Directions: From 5 N after Magic Mountain take the 126 W then take exit A in Fillmore. Go north (right) for 1.1 mile to Goodenough rd then go right for 2.7 miles to Squaw Flat rd. Then go right, after 4.8 miles park on the left side, this is the trailhead. Walk the foot path where the boulders block the trail. About 2 miles down the mountain you will hit the creek bottom, afterward head downstream, rockhopping about 20 min till you get to the upper pools and the small slide. Lower falls is another 15 min rockhopping downstream. Further down another 10 minutes is the final pool which is huge and deep.

Enjoy the pix and vid.

01parking erik corey

02Parking Corb

03Parking morgan

04parking nice car

05Parking sahee

06parking eba

07trail nice car boombox

08trailhead brett

09upper middle party

10upper middle posse

11upper posse2

12upper posse3

13Upper daniel and diana

14Upper Babes1

15Upper middle posse2

16Upper pupper2

17upper pupper

18Upper Shadow

19Upper Posse1

20upper hula

21Upper Melissa

22Upper Turtle Girl

23Upper daniel slack

24upper buff dude

25Upper Skorch Gainer

26Upper trevor dive

27upper girls jump

28Upper Jerry Flag

29upper jerry to middle

30upper airtime

31upper puppers3

32upper crack climb



35party below




39erik tall can

40lower party dudes

41lower erik twist

42upper campsite

Parking posse

25 replies
  1. JJ
    JJ says:

    First: great site! I’ve been following it for a while. I’d love to meet up with you all at some point later in the summer (I’ll be out of town for a while). Second: Friends and I are loosely planning to go to Tar Creek next weekend, June 23-4. Would you recommend we skip it? Will the water be too low? Our other option is to go to the East/West Lion Creek. No jumping, but good swimmin hole. Or, if there’s a prime spot with water at optimal height/attitude that you’d recommend, I’m all ears. Thanks!

  2. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    Tar creek will be kinda gross this weekend. Lion creek while beautiful, will not be deep enough. Are you looking for a place with a nice hike or more of a place to jump?

  3. JJ
    JJ says:

    Well, we’re looking for both. I think we’ve decided to go back to Aztec Falls, or possibly check out The Cliffs along the same stretch of Deep Creek. We went to Aztec Falls in late August last year and while it was great, the water was low. Still good for jumping. Have you been to The Cliffs? It’s south of Aztec Falls and Splinter’s Cabin. I’m a natural climber/scrambler, but one among us is more tender, so the journey to The Cliffs may be too hazardous.

  4. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    I’m pretty sure you are referring to The Cliffs in Pancho’s book. It is pretty shallow there right now but Giligans Island is super deep and fun. We were just there on Friday. I would definitely check that place out.

  5. JJ
    JJ says:

    Gilligan’s Island, it is! Thanks for the words of wisdom. I’ll let you know how it goes. Have a great summer!

  6. JJ
    JJ says:

    Ha. Unless they’re water moccasins. But I’ve been swimming with water moccasins and it didn’t phase me!

  7. Rye
    Rye says:

    Myself and some friends are planning to do tar Creek this weekend, you think that’s a bad idea?
    We’re looking for a good place to go swimming hiking whatever.
    We were going to maybe do Malibu Creek if tar creek was dried up. My only thing with Malibu Creek is that it’s crowded & the waters shit.
    Any suggestions for a nice clean water big swimming hole?

  8. Rye
    Rye says:

    Awesome, I’ll check out the conditions for Aztec.
    Any other options you think would be good for a day trip?
    Heading out with girls, So a place for them to get loose would be awesome also.

  9. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    Pretty much anywhere along deep creek. I would go camp at Matillija Falls. Although you cant jump the big falls anymore it is still the most beautiful waterfall in Southern California.

  10. audrey&jana
    audrey&jana says:

    we want to go to tar creek today, is the water level too low to do so is it already dried out.

  11. Josh
    Josh says:

    Me and some friends are planning to go to tar creek this monday on July 2. Is it too late to go? Would another place be better? We kinda just wanna go swimming and jumping too.

  12. Rye
    Rye says:


    Some friends & I went to Aztec, except we got steered the wrong way & just settled on deep creek.
    It was good, just lounged & made friends.
    We were going the right way, then some old dirt bike kook told us to turn around because it was the opposite direction. Found out later from some local natives we were going the right way from the start.
    Thanks for the heads up!
    Do you guys ever do a group meet up?
    or some sort of email blast?

  13. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    sux you couldnt find it. locals are known to run out of towners astray. we are headed out to a spot right downstream from aztec on sunday. add us on fb and keep posted on our trips.

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