Are you an EXTREME cliff jumper? Can you live out of a car with 3 other sweaty dudes for a month? Will your mom get mad if you are gone for a month?

We are recruiting an extreme cliff jumper to co-star in a full length feature film about cliff jumping in California. You must love hiking, swimmin, camping and road trips because we are living out of the car for a month straight. We will fly you to Los Angeles, you will get in the car and ride with us upstate for the cliff jumping experience of your life. The water is cold, the cliffs are high and you will be hiking a lot. When it’s all over we will fly you back.

The tentative dates are June 15 to July 15 1012. You must be able to dedicate an entire month to hucking yourself off cliffs. If you think you have what it takes then reply or email us for more info.

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  1. junior
    junior says:

    Been cliif jumping for 20 years. In cali box canyon, turtle falls, topac gorge de luz canyon me and some friends have also scouted some fresh spots that were pretty decent in needles arizona on the river. In colorado green mountain fortcollins pueblo resivoir morrison and prob a bunch more I can’t think of. Front flip from 60′ dive from 40′ biggest jump was about 120′ in fort collins. I live w moma and don’t work rite now getting unemployment and food stamps. No responsibilities and not scared to climb or jump amything. Hit me up. I’m in northern san diego

  2. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I need to stay out of trouble, So I’m gonna sign up. where do I sign!


    (Small Print)I have no experience what’s so ever!. 18 yrs of age seeking entry level position to add to my resume:-)

  3. Mariko
    Mariko says:

    I am super interested! I’m a 20 yo girl but if this doesn’t work out I’d love to participate in any other cliff jumping events :]

  4. kimico
    kimico says:

    I know you are looking for a guy, BUT why be stuck with another sweaty dude when you can be with an adventurous girl?

    Im 25. Graduate nurse. Asian/Filipino. 5ft tall, super adventurous, lives on hikes and loves road trips. Ive cliff jumped 3x and i cant wait to do more. I may be small but i can handle myself and can do more than your average hiker guy. I am a gym rat so i am very fit and healthy.
    I guess what im saying is, no one wants to see just a bunch of sweaty guys on their adventure. You gotta have a muse who can play with the dudes. Also, it doesnt hurt to have a nurse around 😉

    If you havent picked your next guy yet, or if you have another room for a girl in your adventure, sign me in. Consider me packed and all ready to go. I live right around your corner so no need to fly me to LA. I would love love LOVE to be part if this adventure. Nothing else is better or more beautiful than nature, its the only thing that is pure left in this world. Lets help each other creat a memory of a lifetime.

    I hope to hear from you guys soon (:

    ~ kimico

  5. Kari Kinkead
    Kari Kinkead says:

    I’m a travel nurse so I only have to work a couple months at a time. I’m off in June. I jumped off what was a huge cliff in Iowa when I was a kid and a small rocky area in costa rica recently. So I need more experience jumping! I’m down to try again now! I am fit and young, I used to do gymnastics, and would love a crazy good experience. Even if your trip is booked or you want someone with more experience that’s cool, let me know if you all are around LA jumping!

  6. Simon Schmidt
    Simon Schmidt says:

    You guys probably already picked someone by now, but I’m seriously interested. I live just south of LA so no need to fly – I’ve only been cliff jumping a few times before but I go big when I do. I go to Cal for school and am on the track team there – so don’t worry about me getting tired and lazy. I also practice parkour and freerunning so I’m basically your guy. If I don’t get the honor of being selected please let me know when/where you guys will be on your trip – I might just have to travel along side you!

  7. Jacob Sever
    Jacob Sever says:

    I don’t know about an entire month, but I’m taking a vacation to LA in a few days. Just started jumping and google searched “cliff jumping near LA” and found your site. If you guys are going anywhere/doing anything between June 13th-25th and wouldn’t mind an extra kid tagging along, let me know!

  8. william
    william says:

    when are you guys jumping i would like to come join it looks EPIC and i can only imagine the trill rush!

  9. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    what a great idea. I hope to take my son to lots of these places and look forward to seeing your movie–the footage so far looks amazing! Have fun!

  10. daniel
    daniel says:

    If you guys ever hit up nor-cal i know a bunch of cliff jumping spots in Stanislaus, Sierra and Sequoia national forest. Hit me up

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