Sorry I’m super laggy with these posts, I just moved to New York and I’m trying to get on top of this stuff now that shit is kinda sorted out. We went to the Devil’s Slide, Fish Camp Falls and Chilnualna Falls last month. It was a couples trip with Throb, The Pump and their rucas. I am going to have to say that this is the COLDEST water we have ever been in. If they even made thermometers that went down that low it would tell you that the water was about -3000C, our little pitos were about to fall off. We usually do this trip at the end of August not the middle of October, but we needed to get our trip in before Throb moved to New York. We hit up the Devil’s Slide on the first day then camped. On the second day we went to Fish Camp Falls and then to Lower Chilnualna Falls. The water was unbearably cold at all 3 places but it was scrot-shatteringly cold at Fish Camp. None of us got sick though because we are hella buff dudesez.

Devil’s Slide- Take Highway 41 from Oakhurst 3.2 miles and turn right on Road 222/Bass Lake Road. After 3.5 miles the road splits, stay to the left and continue 0.8 miles to a turnout on the left. Park at the end of the parking area and walk upstream along the path to the left of the creek. The path traverses the side of the mountain for about 10 minutes until it reaches the pools at Angel Falls. Cross the creek and follow it upstream along the right side. The path will lead you through trees and eventually up a steep incline. After about 15 minutes on this path you will see the Devil’s Slide on the left side. It’s super tall and loud, you can’t miss it. Descend carefully to the swimmin hole at the bottom of the slide. Get naked and go nuts.

Fish Camp Falls- Can’t remember.

Lower Chilnualna Falls- From Oakhurst drive 15.6 miles up the 41 into Yosemite, pay the jew-toll then turn left on Wawona Road. Follow this 4.9 miles to Chinualna Road and make a right. Drive 2 miles till the road ends and park. Follow signs for Chilnualna Falls. You will ascend the mountain along the left side of the creek. After 10 minutes you will pass the rock steps and the trail will curve to the left. You can head off trail to the right and scramble up the face of the falls to a large swimmin hole. Once you get to the hole you can get naked and make fuck. After coitis you can head up around the right side of the swimmin hole and back left across the falls to another small swimmin hole with a large fish in it. Say whats up, that’s my boy Tyrone.

Always bring tons of water and watch your footing, we don’t want yall dying on us.
<3 LAS

















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  1. elchubasco
    elchubasco says:

    Hey there, now that you both have moved to New York, is this the end of Los Angeles Swimmin? I know life moves on and all that but it bums me out since we’ve been following your site for a couple years and it almost feels like we know you. Thanks for sharing so many great locations and adventures (most of our secret fave spots were discovered and captured by you guys eventually)!

  2. elchubasco
    elchubasco says:

    hurray for the pump and keeping the site and the adventures going. hopefully, throb will make some guest appearances in the future. Thanks!

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