Big Sur Gorge Cliff Jumping 9 3 11

Camped at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, woke up early and hiked the gorge trail to this cliff jumping spot. Tons of sand got washed in so it was very shallow. It is only about 5 feet deep under the big jump. Hope it washes out by next year.

Google Map Link to Trail Head

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Big Sur has never really had particularly deep swimming holes, at least not in the more popular areas. You could probably find them if you’re willing to bushwhack, but that’s some pretty rugged terrain (which, arguably, is part of the allure of the area).

    If you want to do some serious jumps in that part of the Los Padres, you really need to head east over to Arroyo Seco. But unless you’re willing to hike it’s best to go during the week. I was down there at the day use area the Friday before last, and we were the only ones there when we arrived, and there were only three other cars when we left late that afternoon. By then, the lower campground was already full.

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    If good swimming and reasonably comfortable hiking conditions are your main goal, then I would say no later than mid – June. The Ventana Wilderness becomes a blast furnace in the summer months, and with the heat comes the bug invasion. The black flies are numerous and not particularly bothersome, but the yellow flies will bite your brains out! And unless you wear facial netting, you’ll be inhaling clouds of gnats and other no – see – ums. That netting will come in handy when you’re eating as well, unless you want to share your food with swarms on ravenous yellow jackets – they were a ripe royal pain in the ass when we were down there a few weeks ago.

    The best source for the latest trail conditions is the website for the Ventana Wilderness Alliance ( in the Trails Discussion forum. Keep in mind that a lot of the trails are not regularly maintained, and many of the ones that are don’t get cleared until later in the season. And while it’s quite a few years old now, “Hiking the Big Sur Country: The Ventana Wilderness” by Jeffrey P. Schaffer is still considered to be THE bible to most experienced hikers of the wilderness, and has the most accurate trail maps – not perfect, but way better than the Forest Service maps.

  3. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    Thanks dude. I do actually own that book, I “borrowed” it from a friend. Next year is gonna be the big year for the swim crew I can feel it. You should join us on the Arroyo Seco hike/swim.

  4. steven
    steven says:

    I am in the L.A. area. Recently look up cliff jump areas and you guys always come up. How often do you do hikes and are you all looking for anyone to join you. I am more then willing.

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