Epic day of sliding with 3 swim crews in tow, LAS, 12 Feet Under and Gravity Gods. We met up at The Pump’s house and caravaned 4 cars up to Mt. Baldy. On this mission was Throb, The Pump, Taryn Ass, Joey Joe Joe, Skorch, Daniel, Leppard Kanz, Double Blumpkin, Holly Kanz, Freedom Nug, Kozmic Kanz, William Wood, J. Smellgundo, and S. Niggins. Ali Smellog and Tony P. almost made it but died along the way. The place was super crowded but everyone was respectful. Tons of beaners and brodogs slidin down with 40’s. Water was a little chilly but what do you expect when swimmin in direct mountain runoff? Tons of sand got washed in the hole so it is 7 feet at the deepest. Thanks to everyone who showed up on this trip. Please check water depth before jumping or you will end up like Todd. Some pix stolen from McDude.

Directions: 210E to Baseline go left. Right on Padua, Right on Mt Baldy Rd. Drive 6.1 miles to the Stoddard Truck trail on the right. Drive down and park. Hike downstream and look for a spot to descend down the cliff into the creek bed.

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  1. tim
    tim says:

    this is completely unrelated to stoddard canyon.. but we should do a monkey canyon restoration project and bring a bunch of shovels to dig out the sediment from the storms so we can use it again :)

  2. Daniel CARRILLO
    Daniel CARRILLO says:

    Haha tons of beaners sliding down with 40’s! Hilarious I see you guys are pounding too! Funny how you contradict yourself there! Suck my balls I’m brown and ill out do you in any sport anytime and place! No fighting strictly athletics! And ill even out drink you afterwards! Get over yourself California was ours before you and yours ripped it from us! Sure there some dirty Latinos out there but hey I live next to a house full of white crack heads living off welfare!! Natural ice come on… Btw pictures look dope! Get at me!

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