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Nutso day trip at the Rindge Dam in Malibu California. We had the 12 Feet Under Crew, The Baldwin Park Crew, LA Swim Swim and a swarm of random nad-slappers on this trip. We drove down and dropped off most of the people on the side of the road before we descend the cliff edge to the dam.

The hike down is serious business. You need to scramble down about 500 feet from the road edge to the creek bed. Then you need to ascend/descend some janky old rusty ladders before walking along the lip of the dam and scramble down yet another hill to get below the dam. Once at the bottom you will have many choices of where you want to jump. 15 footers all the way up to 90 feet if you’re feeling ballsy. Always check depth first. This place can get pretty shallow certain years so contact us if you want to know if it’s deep enough to jump. Keep it real and stay safe.

Directions: DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU ARE IN GREAT PHYSICAL CONDITION! People die here all the time and you will too if you don’t watch what you’re doing. 101N exit Las Virgenes/Lost Hills and head left toward the beach. After 4.5 miles turn right into a parking lot for Backbone trail, laugh at the parking fees (or pay them). Then walk down Malibu Canyon Road until you get to mile marker 1.86 on the left side of the road, from here you will see a very faint use trail that descends the side of the cliff. Get to the creek bed and find your way along the left side of the dam to the bottom. It’s kind of a free-for-all once you get to the creek so look for signs of a trail and just follow it. Use your best judgment, if you have no route finding skills just go up the road to the rock pools instead. Los Angeles Swimmin is not responsible for any injuries sustained while at the dam.

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