Fuck yeah! Another posse trip to our secret spot out near Switzer Falls. Well it’s not so secret cause we post directions on here, ha. We had to park halfway up the road because all the spots at the bottom were taken by jerk families BBQing at the picnic area. Isn’t that why people buy houses so they can BBQ in their own backyards? Fucking dicks. Well we blasted down the trail, so much water was flowing. Never seen this much water this late in the season, we have the winter rains to thank for that. We also have the winter rains to thank for SILTING UP THE GODDAMN HOLES!!! All the spots were filled up with sand. The first and second holes were two feet at deepest. The third hole was 6 feet deep at the base of the falls. We jumped regardless cause we are PROS who know what we are doing. Some guy living at the hole was bucketing out sand, said he had been doing it for a few weeks. Glad people like him are keeping it real for us lazy cliff jumpers. Thanks again to everyone who rolled out, love making new friends through cliff jumping.

Directions: Take the 2 north to the 210 east, exit Angeles Crest Hwy and go left. Drive 9.8 miles to the road for the Switzer Falls Picnic Area and go right. Pray to Satan that there is a parking spot near the bottom or park in the new parking lots they made up top. If you do get stuck up top get a ride in the back of some brodog’s truck. Follow the trail downstream, then cross it. You will hike up the side of the mountain to the right of the creek and back down to the canyon bottom. There will be a trail sign for Switzer Falls pointing to the left, ignore this sign and go right (downstream). About ten minutes of hiking you will get to the top of the first bowl. There are two more right below. Jump, stay safe and enjoy yourself. Distance: ~4 miles round trip. 40 minutes in, 50 minutes out.






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