Tar Creek 7 17 2011

Super sick posse day at Tar Creek. The CCC Clan (Colin, Chelsea, Cairo) brought 2 peeps with them (John and Dave) while LAS rolled 5 deep with Throb, The Pump, Queefovanna, Unkie Mo and T. Bundy. We got word from Thomas Wayne Erst that the creek was still flowing, which was great news because we couldn’t hit this place up earlier ’cause Throb was gone traveling the universe. The final part of the trail that descends the mountain was washed out from the rains so you have to take notice or you will end up scrambling down the rock slide. The water was flowing decently, a few people were camping in the area and swimmin around. We jumped the lower falls and one of our buddies from ex-12FeetUnder jumped the 70 footer to show us up. Throb and Queefovanna walked down to the huge pool barefoot where Throb over-rotated a flip off the 40 footer and fucked up his ribs again. Fun fun fun. Thanks to everyone who rolled and to the baby frogs that let us play with them for hours.

From 5 N after Magic Mountain take the 126 W then take exit A in Fillmore. Go north (right) for 1.1 mile to Goodenough rd then go right for 2.7 miles to Squaw Flat rd. Then go right, after 4.8 miles park on the left side, this is the trailhead. Walk the foot path where the boulders block the trail. About 2 miles down the mountain you will hit the creek bottom, afterward head downstream, rockhopping about 20 min till you get to the upper pools and the small slide. Lower falls is another 15 min rockhopping downstream. Further down another 10 minutes is the final pool which is huge and deep. Be sure to take a lot of water or a filter because this hike can get hot during the summer. Stay safe, know your limits and don’t sue us when you get hurt.


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  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    I’m thinking of driving up to Tar Creek this week. Will the water levels still be okay in late August? I have to drive 3 hours to get there, so I want to make sure the jumps (especially the 70 foot one) are safe to do.

  2. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    I would say the big ones are good to jump, the upper pools may be a little stagnant right now. This has been the longest swim season I can remember so if you can get one last jump in before September there I would go for it.

  3. Jon
    Jon says:

    Drove all the way to Filmore today to get to the punchbowls. Drove about 3 mile up Squaw Flat Road, but could not find the trailhead. I would have continued, but I was with my family and because I didn’t have know the specific location of the trailehead I was not allowed to continue. Instead of the exciting jumps I spent the day in a public pool and walking around Filmore. Your website is great and I’ve been able to get to two jumps from your direction, but will you please upload a video of how to get to the trailheads after arriving at the final road. I use Google Maps for the main route, but getting around unpaved and unamed roads that go up mountains for what seems like forever is very troublesome.

  4. Jon
    Jon says:

    That’s perfect! I will definitely go back and try my luck again the next time I’m in California (I’m moving back home to frozen Toronto, Cananda). Your website is awesome, and I wish every city had one.

    Many thanks.

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