Malibu Creek Rock Pools 7 27 11

Rolled out from Orange Cunty to the rock pools on Wednesday. Barely made it ahead of traffic, got there around 2:30. Hiked in. Perfect day, mellow, low eighties nice breeze.

Married Kanz, Cousin Kanz and Lebanese Kans plus Throb on this trip. The hike was pretty quiet, walked by maybe 4 groups of people. When we got to the rock pools it all changed. There was a “water hike” of about 40 kids at the pool jumping and screaming. Hell on earth if you ask me. I didn’t mind so much cause I was in a good mood. A few people jumping the big one. Nice mix of brodogs and beandogs. We smoked a fat jay and ate some sandwiches then hiked back out.

Directions: From Highway 101/Ventura Freeway, take Las Virgines Road in Calabasis towards the beach. Just after crossing Mulholland Drive you will see the Malibu Creek State Park entrance on your right. Park in the second parking lot if you want to pay. If not turn right on Mulholland before the state park and park your car on the side of the road. Hike down the trail till you get to the creek, then follow the creek to the right till you get to the rock pools. Stay safe, don’t jump if it’s too shallow.

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