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Posse day at Fish Creek Falls. Met up early at The Pump’s house with the Echo Park squadron. Got to the spot and met up with two more fine ladies, nine people altogether on this trip. Hiked up the canyon, jumped some cliffs, swung some ropes, drank some beers and sweated our way out. This hike is about a mile long but you are in the water almost half the time. We suggest wearing some techamphibians or some vibrams or just an old pair of shoes you don’t give a crap about. The upper pool here is super deep, lower pool only about 5 feet. You can slide the waterfall just be careful not to hit your head. Bring a good amount of water since the first half of the hike is in the sun. Be safe and enjoy yourselves.

Directions: 5 North exit Lake Hugehs road and go right. Drive 17.2 miles to a bridge and park on the left. Hike upstream for about a mile till you get to the falls. Open a beer and blaze a jay. TAKE OUT ALL YOUR TRASH! This place was nasty gross when we were there. Please make an effort to clean up or places like this will get closed down.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    Yeah, you guys definitely want to keep that place as clean as possible, I can’t believe the Forest Service are letting you slide with those sandbags, artificial pool construction + trash + graffiti are a great recipe to get places like this closed.

    BTW, the drive in on Lake Hughes Road show a Warm Springs Camp and a Warm Springs Trail in my DeLorme Atlas / Gazetteer. Have you explored, or do you know of anyone who have found anything soakable in this area?

  2. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    have no idea about the warm springs, this kid who added us on FB told us about this spot so we went to go check it out. alot of people have been sand bagging spots because the holes are so silted in after all the rains this winter. thanks for the heads up on the warm springs, ill look into it.

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