Deep Creek Camping 2 11-12 2011

Went to Deep Creek over the weekend. I can honestly say this is the hardest place to take photos at. We usually get to the end of the hike around sunset and don’t want to take any photos after crossing that creek. Here are some photos of the hike and then some photos of us camping. Video will be up by the end of night.
















































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  1. David
    David says:

    Looks like a nice trip. Yeah it is hard to take pictures at Deep Creek :) Whats up with that guy carrying that dog? Looks funny

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Is that a dog? I thought it was a fox, being dragged off to some sort of Pagan Ritual Sacrifice.

    Always wanted to make the trip to Deep Creek, but have been wary of parking at the Bowen Ranch (heard too many horror stories about the owner), though I realize it’s probably the safest to place to park as far as vehicle vandalism goes.

  3. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    it was a dog and it didnt seem to mind being carried like that. I have had no problems parking near the t1 crossing but others have. If your vehicle can make it out that far then go for it. Mike Castro can be a jerk some times and the nicest guy other times. just hope you get him on a nice day.

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