Gaviota Hot Springs 11 20 2010

Went up to Gaviota this weekend. Bro posse only. Met up with James Cock and Dan Penis and of course Throb and The Pump represented. Went to score a camp site at Gaviota State Park but apparently they are no longer letting people camp there due to state budget cuts. So we went on the beach for sunset and fucked around for a bit. Then we drove to El Capitan State Beach and grabbed a site on a hill overlooking the beach. Dropped off all our gear and took the Fuck Truck up to the Hot Springs for some Nokturnal Emissionzzz. Pulled up to the parking lot and we were the only vehicle present. A giant tree fell over in the parking lot so we drove over it with our awesome 4×4 capacities. Hiked up the hill smoking cigarettes and drinking Natty Ice, dropped trou and soaked our sore asses. Perfect night of a full moon (and 4 other full moons if you catch our drift *nudge nudge wink wink*). Soaked for about 3 hours till the rain came down. It only lasted for a few minutes. We decided to hike back while our rainless window of opportunity was still open. Got back to the truck and drove with one eye open back to the camp site. We started up the camp fire around 10pm and the vegans made chilidogs and tempe burgers while the carnies made some faggy stew. Got rained on again so we jumped in our tents and listened to the rain till we fell asleep. All in all a fun trip.


















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  1. David
    David says:

    That bowl at the beach looks cool. Looks like the log has been completely removed from the pool at Gaviota too.

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