Kern River Toob DeathRace2010

I sit here with legs that look like lobsters. A weekend of sun and toobin, Hot springs and BBQ. Too much Natty Light and Trader Joes mixers. Throb, Pump, DeepFloat, AlohaCans, T-Boner, B-Ram and DPees . Headed out to Remington Hot springs friday night after work. Hit the tubs around 11pm. Maybe 4 other people in there. Had a good hour or so to ourselves and met a really nice Hot spring enthusiast from the area, Shoutout to him if he stops by. Nice to meet you. So after an hour a group of 15 or so crowded the spot and it was literally standing room only. It was dark, No pics. We left when two hikers started getting a little too into the PDA. All in all a good time. Camped at the parking lot. Woke up at a ripe 8 am to 100 degrees and headed to Kernville. Got a campsite about 9 Miles out of town with no one else around us and a sick class 2-3 toob run in our front yard. The rest of the weekend was non Stop toobin. We went from the powerhouse put in all the way to The lake drainage at the cemetery. If you do the long one beware of extreme exposure and lots of paddling in still water for .5 miles to get to the cars. All in all i think we got around 7-8 runs in over two days and it was amazing. Get your own directions Its not hard to find. We would suggest avoiding the large group campsites, as long as you have a pass and fire permit you can camp off road as long as your fire is about 20 feet from the river. Find yourself a nice turnout spot. The good ones go fast. Please pack out your trash. Rednecks love to trash this area, and it is a real shame. Please wear life jackets, we did not (sans girls) But next trip we will for sure. The water can be really high and don’t think you are stronger than mother nature. Also. Keep a lookout soon for Insane whitewater video from the new underwater cam!!!!


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  1. corban
    corban says:

    where would you guys recommend camping? Any good spots that are near cool things to do like the rock slides, cliff jumping, or hot springs?

  2. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    What is up Jeff! It’s summer time again. I looked for you on myspace but you deleted it. I can’t find Carl either. Just wanted to say hi. P.s. Thuyen Vien is opening up at a new location in Garden Grove, having a grand opening in a couple weeks. We should go eat and swim.

  3. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    yo girl havent seen u in a long time. add us on facebook losangeles swimmin. yeah sad that place closed cause it was right next to my moms. u should come out and swim some time. miss ur azz. keep in touch.


  4. corban
    corban says:

    I’m sorry I was referring to camping and activities around the kern. It’s hard to find info.

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