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  1. Soul Flavour
    Soul Flavour says:

    YEA GUYS! So pumped to see you doods livin it up. Tar creek is one epic place. Here is a edit i made of my buds n i rollin through there. You guys got it with alot of water flowing stoked on this! BUT NO ONE JUMPED THE 85 FOOTER?!?!?! It is unreal! Also on my vimeo site i have a couple other videos along with one i have on the blog of everything we do! There is this water fall hike call Metelijia Look into it place is amazing!!!!!



  2. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    nice videos man. we did the double falls last year but did get to it this year. throb burnt his hand in the fire the night before and was being a wimp about jumping the next day. stay in contact dog maybe we will see you on the trail soon.

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