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  1. Keith S
    Keith S says:


    We the undersigned, who visit and maintain Remington Hot Springs,
    believe the Forest Service has overstepped its authority by announcing
    plans to destroy the facility. Dedicated volunteers have built and
    maintained the tubs at no cost to the Forest Service. The area
    maintains a century-old tradition for its medicinal and spiritual value
    and to the local community for its economic influence. It also brings
    positive public relations to a much-maligned Forest Service, whose
    policies continue to suffer a decline in public acceptance. These
    facilities should continue to be open to the public – maintained as they
    have been by those unpaid volunteers willing to commit to the tasks of
    safety, maintenance and cleanliness. This should continue with a spirit
    of cooperation from the Forest Service.




    This Petition may also be printed and mailed to:
    Tina Ferrell
    1839 S. Newcomb St.
    Porterville, CA 93237

    PHONE: 559-784-1500
    FAX: 559-781-4744

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