Another crowded day at Chantry Flats. Full parking lot and tons of idiots running around with their unleashed dogs. We made it out to this place around 2pm then hiked in. Trail is super simple on the way in, half of it is in the sun the other half under the treeline. Took us about 30 min to hike in (this was at a leisurely pace). Got to the hole and saw about 8 groups of people there half of them jumping off the cliffs. We jumped and swam for about 2 hours then hiked back up. Trail back up is a little more strenuous but easily done by any infant. Water flow was getting a little low but still enough water in the pools to jump the big one. Directions are as follows:
From the Foothill Freeway (210) in Arcadia, exit on Santa Anita Avenue and drive six miles north to its end at Chantry Flat. The trail begins at the bottom of the parking lot. Follow the paved road till you get to a sign designating the trail for Hermit Falls. Follow it about 2 miles till you see a very noticeable 30 foot waterfall. That’s what all your hiking is for. Jump the Big one and represent.















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