A fun Sunday afternoon in the Angeles National Forest. We possed up to the Big Tujunga Canyon Narrows and sloshed our way down the Monkey Canyon. Present on this trip was Throb, The Pump, Uncle Crunch Wrap Supreme, Skull Strap, Tan Kanz, Ricky Ricardo and Captain Dongleberry. We ass-slid down the side of the cliff then jumped into the freezing cold creek. Hiked up about 2 min then saw a bunch of young Punxxxz Wrakerz drinkin and chillen with their dogs (reminded us of the good old days). Said whats up and gave a couple pins out to them and repped the site. They were chill. We then hiked down to a deep pool about 5 min downstream and posted up for a bit. Ate some snaxxx, Brad drank a Tecate and we jumped a few times. 20 min later we went down to the slide. Another group was there being 100% wussies, we jumped in like men and their girls got aroused. Throb jumped the extension, The Pump did the slide and everyone else jumped and chilled and we had a great time. On the way back we hid some geocache treasure for yall to find. Trip was all around good despite the cold water. There were many broken bottles, tons of graffiti but otherwise very little trash compared to the diaper and dead dog days of 2007. Driving directions:
Take HWY 2 North from La Canada/Flintridge to the Switzer Ranger Station then go left on Angeles Forest HWY for Approx. 6.1 miles to a turnout on the right side of the road, if you pass the bridge you have gone too far. Park and walk across the road and hike west for about 1 min and look for a path down to the canyon bottom, there are many routes (one has ropes). Walk downstream for all the excitement.














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  1. kori
    kori says:

    Wow, this place was real! We used to go swimming nude there a bunch of us back in the late 1970″s. What a trip! then there were many tide pools to wade in . We’d swim from one to the other they were different depths and degrees of warmth. We were all stoned on pot and I wasn’t even sure the place really existed except in my memory. It was like a dream. There was a lot of water then and going down the slides was so much fun! sad to see all the graffiti now, it used to be just all natural. Also sad to hear theres a lack of water too. But, glad to see others are enjoying the place. It’s still a dream come true

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