One of the easier to get to spot makes this place very crowded especially on the weekends. Expect at least 50 people on any given weekend in the late spring/summer. This hike was taken from the trailhead along Mullholland Dr. You can choose to park in the state park parking lot and pay the 10 dollar fee, if you are a sucker. Or you can park along the road just on the outskirts of the park. Directions are as follows:
From Highway 101/Ventura Freeway, take Las Virgines Road in Calabasis towards the beach. Just after crossing Mulhulland Road, you will see the Malibu Creek State Park entrance on your right. Park in the second parking lot if you want to pay. If not turn right on Mullholland and park where it is legal to park. Watch for signs, LosAngelesSwimmin will not be responsible for paying your parking tickets. Find the trailhead on the south side of the road and follow the trail down the hills to the creek. Follow the creek downstream for about a mile and you are there. Total hike distance about a mile and a half. Cliff jumps are everywhere, be careful of submerged rocks. Some rangers will give out tickets and others will watch and clap. Hope you get one of the cooler ones. Go and jump the 50 footer, do a triple nipple gainer nard grab or something. Represent!


















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