TAR CREEK 3 7 09

Brutal trip to Tar Creek. Lil Chewbakkka, Alston, KKKanz and Throb on this hike. Finally made it to the lower falls where we saw Chango, Camtron and his crew. Those dude/bros/chillas rep hard. Throb was all chicken shit to do the lower falls jump till Chango fucking hucked it and lived. Rest of the crew followed then Throb manned up. Never been to Tar Creek with this much water present. Water was not too cold, pools were deep, definitely an amazing day. Directions:
From 5 N take the 118 W and take exit A in Fillmore. Go north (right) for 1.1 mile to Goodenough rd then go right for 2.7 miles to Squaw Flat rd. Thne go right and 3.2 miles and park on the left side Park and hike the trail where the boulders block the path. About 2 miles to the creek then head downstream till you get to the upper pools and the slide. Lower falls is another 15 min rockhopping downstream, cut a fart when you leap the 70.








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