LION CREEK 2 28 09

Hopefully we can be on top of these posts a little better. Like posting the following monday after each hike, but for now we are backposting a few trips that have not been logged.
On this trip we had B-Ram, Throb, Professor Encherido and Kanz. It is manditory that everyone does the claw at least once on the hike. Principal Ench forgot to on this one so we demoted him to professor. This trip took us to the Middle Lion campground in the Los Padres National Forest. Directions:
Take hwy 33 past Ojai to the Rose Valley turnoff, drive on forest service route 6N31 4.8 miles to the turnoff for Middle Lion Campground then drive one mile to the camp and park. While looking downstream from the campground, follow the trail on the left side of the creek for about 2 miles (lots of ups and down, we suggest you be in shape for this). The trail divides at this point with a sign pointing to East or West fork Lion Falls. We first hiked to the East fork which took us about 15 min from the trail divide. The water was freezing cold and the depth was very shallow. We jumped a few times then set up the 4×5 and took a few photos, then we headed off to the West fork. This place was just as cold and a little less deep. Definitely not a jump spot. Kanz rock-climbed the left side of the falls to the top where she represented with the claw which made for a perfect photo opportunity. This was a fun hike but definitely not a jump spot.













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