This weekend was hectic. After hitting Paradise Falls on Friday, Throb picked up The Pump and Morgue for a trip to Tar Creek on Saturday. The Pump missed out on Tar Creek earlier in the month so we took him there and he had a blast. Slid the lower part of the big falls, jumped the upper falls. Pretty fun time. Did some Geocacheing as well. Sunday we got up ass early (11:00am) and Morgue and Throb picked up The Pump and headed into San Dimas. This city is an absolute police state, pigs in patrol cars everywhere, must be a doughnut factory in town. We stopped at the 76 station and carbed up on Doritos and Gatorade. We drove to an apartment complex near Raging Waters and parked our vehicle. We proceeded to Cataract Falls which had a No Trespassing sign posted. Since everyone in Los Angeles Swimmin is completely illiterate, we continued on. We got to the falls and it was pretty much the most disgusting sight we had seen. Diapers and dirty socks and spray paint everywhere. We stood atop the 30 foot falls and looked up at the 50 foot extension then down at the pool filed with Combos wrappers and vehicle parts and decided to opt out on this one. Maybe after a serious rainstorm would we consider going back here. So we left hell (San Dimas) and headed to our home base Hermit Falls in the Angeles National Forest. We were surprised to see about ten billion jack offs at the fucking trail head. Moms and grandpas and infants and snausage dogs and everything we hate about Los Angeles. There were literally hundreds of cars at the trail head parking lot whose capacity is about 20 cars max. We muscled our way in and parked in between a Mazerati and a Hummer. Hiked to Hermit falls and fucking REPRESENTED!!! All three of us did the big jump like total men. A small group of two couples sat at the top of the big jump, chillen and drinkin, we exchanged numbers for extreme cliff jumping trips in the future. On the way back to the trail head a search and rescue helicopter was flying around being loud as hell, we got back to the car and there were grips of fire fighters, paramedics and forest rangers. I hope a million of fucking worthless rich assholes got eaten by tarantula breathing mountain lions. Thank god our tax money goes to finding asshole lost infants stuck a quarter mile down a fucking flat trail. Whatever. After the hike Throb did the all-u-kan-eat at Sojin in Little Tokyo. Check out the pictures at















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  1. Sal Santangelo
    Sal Santangelo says:

    Hi Im from Glendora i go to the sandimas falls or Cataract falls really often and i i saw Tar Creek and i was wondering if u can tell me were its located at please please reply i really want to go there so if u can please write me back to my email at thankyou very much!

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