Sup yall, recently LAS has been squeezing its way into the selling…
April 17, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Red Rocks Cliff Jumping 4 6 13

April 15, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Tar Creek Cliff Jumping 3 23 13

March 31, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Cliff Jumping in Oahu

Melissa and I took off to Oahu for two weeks to embark on a cliff…
January 24, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Kyle Hot Spring Nevada 11 30 12

The last stop on our trip through Nevada was Kyle Hot Spring…
December 7, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Spencer Hot Spring Austin, NV 11 29 12

We took off early morning from Alkali Hot Springs and drove up…
December 6, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Alkali Hot Springs 11 28 12

So Melissa and I were gonna go to Ringbolt Hot Springs for the…
December 3, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs 11 26 12

Melissa and I took off for the day to visit Arizona Hot Springs…
December 2, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Sapphire Falls 9 9 12

Went out to Sapphire Falls in Rancho Cucamonga for some cliff…
September 10, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Lake Shasta Houseboat Trip 8 23 12

We drove up from LA to Lake Shasta near Redding California, rented…
September 6, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Sequoia/Kings/Sierra National Forests 8/7/12

Took a trip, jumped some cliffs. Enjoy the vid.
September 3, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Matilija Falls 8 3 12

So Vanessa and Djo came into town for a week to go camping and…
August 29, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

The Mound 7 29 12

Went out to THE MOUND last weekend. Huge posse showed up for…
July 31, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

The Narrows 7 7 12

Sup bung tonguers? The other week we went out to The Narrows…
July 18, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Sequoia Weekend 6 29 12

It was Melissa's birthday July 1st and she wanted to camp so…
July 11, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Red Rocks 6 24 12

Yo donglers! Went to Red Rocks out in the Los Padres National…
July 6, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Rindge Dam 6 23 12

Sup hookers?!?!?!?!?!!!! Last Saturday we went to the Rindge…
June 28, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Monkey Canyon 6 16 12

Sup brodies?! Last weekend we drove out to Monkey Canyon to check…
June 22, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Aztec Falls 6-14-12

Word homies. Last week Skorchie and I took a trip out to Lake…
June 20, 2012/by losangelesswimmin

Deep Creek Hot Springs 6 2 12

Sup homies. Sorry we didn't invite anyone last weekend out to…
June 6, 2012/by losangelesswimmin