Aztec Falls 6 21 14

First day of summer we hiked on out to Aztec Falls for some cliff…
June 24, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Jump or Die 4:20 4/20/14

Sup pendejos? Where were you this 4/20? You were probably smoking…
May 2, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Arroyo Seco Cliff Jumping 4/6/14

Sup putos, last weekend we went to Greenfield CA and camped at…
April 11, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Spring and Cliff Jumping 3 19 14

Sup everyone, this week Throb, B-Ram and The Pump spent 2 nights…
March 21, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Camping Timelapse 2014

Watch in HD.
March 5, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Pozar Hot Springs, Loutra Greece

The first part of the Red Fang/The Shrine/Lord Dying 2014 European…
February 11, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Gold Strike Hot Springs 1/9/14

What is up everybody? Last week LAS took a trip to Goldstrike…
January 13, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

San Juan Hot Springs 1/4/14

San Juan Hot Springs is one of those spots I've been meaning…
January 5, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

2012-2013 Cliff Jumping Highlights

November 27, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

End of Summer Matilija Dam Cliff Jumping 9 29 13

*UPDATE* Pigs are out in full force ticketing folks for "illegally"…
October 23, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Meadow Hot Springs 9 13 13

Did some swimmin and soaking over at Meadow Hot Spring south…
October 21, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Lake Shasta Houseboat Jumpin 8 27 13

We spent some time up at Lake Shasta floating around, drinking…
September 23, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Tule River Cliff Jumping 8 10 13

The Tule River is a magical place, there are so many spots to…
September 15, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Matilija Dam Cliff Jumping 8 4 13

There is a film coming out next year called DamNation, it's a…
September 10, 2013/by losangelesswimmin


July 29, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Hermit Falls Cliff Jumping 6 15 13

Hermit Falls is a cliff jumping spot in the greater Los Angeles…
June 22, 2013/by losangelesswimmin


Burger Records asked us to come up with a sweet design for the…
June 17, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Arroyo Seco 6 12 13

Hey everyone, it's been a crazy summer and it hasn't even started…
June 16, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

Malibu Creek Cliff Jumping 6 1 13

June 1, 2013/by losangelesswimmin

JUMP OR DIE 4 20 13

Spent 4:20 at Jump or Die on Deep Creek in Hesperia. Also known…
April 22, 2013/by losangelesswimmin