Havasupai Cliff Jumping 2016 (Short Film)

August 20, 2016/by losangelesswimmin

PNW Spring Cliff Jumping 2016

May 19, 2016/by losangelesswimmin

Happy Birthday The Pump!

Spent the weekend in J-Tree, super fun happy times.
April 27, 2016/by losangelesswimmin

Adventure Journal: Nevada Hot Springs

December 9, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Adventure Journal: Long Valley Caldera

November 19, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Never Forget 9-11 2015

You have no idea how much hate mail I get from locals who threaten…
September 11, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Nine Days in NorCal: Part 2

September 8, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Nine Days in NorCal Part 1

August 18, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

NorCal Teaser

August 12, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Cliff Jumping Mt. Baldy Slide 8 2 15

Mt. Baldy has been catching a few thunderstorms this summer which…
August 5, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Summer Solstice at Aztec Falls

Perfect way to start the summer. Sorry to everyone who wasn't…
June 23, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Havasupai Cliff Jumping Film

April 23, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Fish Canyon Falls 4 11 15

We were blessed with rains last week so we decided to go to Fish…
April 12, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs 1 22 14

GUAAAAAAADALUUUUUUPEEEEEE!!!! Man oh man, this was such an out…
February 18, 2015/by losangelesswimmin

Super Secret Hot Springs and Hot Spring Etiquette

Good day everyone, last night I got a tip off about a hot spring…
December 22, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Aztec Falls Cliff Jumping Contest sponsored by PBR 8/30/14

This year we decided to do a cliff jumping contest to reward…
October 15, 2014/by losangelesswimmin


So I was lucky enough to get cheap tickets to Japan for a hot…
October 2, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Rindge Dam Closed to Public

We gave you paradise and you monsters destroyed it. Learn to…
August 25, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Tule River Cliff Jumping 7/20/14

The Tule River is the best spot to spend a weekend camping and…
July 22, 2014/by losangelesswimmin

Hermit Falls Cliff Jumping 7 6 14

Hermit Falls is a cliff jumping spot in the greater Los Angeles…
July 7, 2014/by losangelesswimmin