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Mt. Baldy has been catching a few thunderstorms this summer which have kept the water flowing nicely on the mountain. We rallied up a fat posse and spent the day drinking beer, smoking gange, cliff jumping and butt-sliding. Afterward, we cleaned up the place and yelled at a mom for leaving her shit-maker’s diaper behind on a rock.

We always clean up spots every time we go out, but there is one thing I will never touch and that is the treacherous STREAM BURRITO. If you plan on taking your crawling soft-serve dispensers out to the swimmin hole, bring a ziplock bag for their fudgies. The last thing I need is giardia from your infant’s recycled carrot squirts.

Driving Directions:

Hiking directions: Walk down the road to the creek and stay to the right side of it, there is an old paved road you will walk on for about 5 min before you see a trail spur on the left. Hike down into the creek and walk upstream until you get to the falls. Always check depth before jumping, I’ve been here when it’s 12 feet and 2 feet deep. Use common sense.

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