jump or die 2014

Jump or Die 4:20 4/20/14

Sup pendejos? Where were you this 4/20? You were probably smoking dabs in your room playing Call of Duty while us winners were out in Hesperia celebrating sweet lord Hitler’s birthday. We crushed over 600 beers and smoked all the weed in Southern California while you were getting noob toobed by a 4th grader. Next time get off your ass, hike out to the middle of nowhere, beer bong a bottle of Cuervo and gainer off a cliff. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

DIRECTIONS: 10E to 15N exit 138E/Silverwood Lake. Make a right and drive 8.3 miles to the 173E, turn left and drive 7 miles to Arrowhead Lake Road. Make a left and go 0.9 miles to the parking area before the Saddle Dike Embankment. Park here and look for the yellow gate with the castle towers. Hike the top of the dam till you get to the spillway at the end with a trail signed for the PCT on the left. Climb up the switchbacks about 150 feet above the spillway and follow the PCT right (upstream) for 2 miles to a small foot trail on the right that leads to an abandoned gauging station and the swimmin hole. BRING A SHIT TON OF WATER CUZ THERE IS NO SHADE ON THIS HIKE.

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  1. Nick
    Nick says:

    Aside from the lack of shade, how hard is the hike to this spot? Thinking about taking my lady up here this weekend, she made it to Aztec falls just fine.

  2. Mo
    Mo says:

    Mad props on the passion for cliff jumping. We are a bunch of armature jumpers (but not stupid) from OC and huge fans of you. Planning to go try out this spot soon. We won’t trash the place nor blow up the place on social media so that no idiot can ruin it for everyone else. Just want to get some insight before we make the 200 mile one way trip.

    1. How is the water flow and depth around this time of the year? (summer 2016)
    2. Is this place legal or “run if you see the rangers”?
    3. Any other tips?

    Feedback would be much appreciated!

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