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Sup everyone, this week Throb, B-Ram and The Pump spent 2 nights camping at Ringbolt Hot Springs along the Colorado River near the Hoover Dam. We hiked in on Wednesday afternoon and set up camp. We spent the next couple days soaking, cliff jumping, foot-bagging and tossing around the novelty flying disc. We shared the canyon with about 30 other people who came in via kayak.

There are a bunch of cliffs to jump from along the trail, just keep an eye out for water depth. We jumped a nice 20 footer that was probably 20 feet deep with GIGANTIC 30lb+ fish. The ducks watched us huck some sick flips and dives, then we fed them tortillas and they went nuts. It was pretty mellow trip, everyone was in good spirits and we all had a great time.

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Directions: From Boulder City head Southeast on US 93 and cross over the Hoover Dam into Arizona. At mile marker 4.2 you will see a sign for the White Rock Canyon Recreational Area. Make a left into the giant parking lot and lock your car doors. Hike under the highway, down the giant wash and into the canyon. After 3 miles you will reach the Colorado River. You must look closely for trail markers on the left. Head downstream for about 5 minutes to the mouth of the hot spring canyon. You will see a giant sign alerting the dangers of Naegleria Fowleri. Follow the canyon up 10 minutes to the giant ladder which takes you up the waterfall into the pools. CAUTION: This hike can be very strenuous on hot days. Bring a fuck-ton of water or else you will die. Los Angeles Swimmin is not responsible for your unpreparedness. Hike out all your trash and leave the place cleaner than it was before you got there.

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  1. David
    David says:

    im always around there in the summer and its too damn hot….
    fuck ton of water noted…lol

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