Matilija Summer's End 2013

End of Summer Matilija Dam Cliff Jumping 9 29 13

*UPDATE* Pigs are out in full force ticketing folks for “illegally” parking and “trespassing” on the dam. Enter at your own risk.

This was the final summer cliff jumping session of 2013. Had a huge posse, everyone got wasted and died. Gonna miss you all. Till spring 2014, peace.

Directions: Take the 101 North to the 33 North into Meiners Oaks and follow signs for the 33.PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, at the Vons the road splits, take the left side for the 33. Follow this until you get to Matilija Road, make a left here. Drive up and over the hill, at 0.7 miles you will find a parking spot on the right. Park here, walk across the street to a dirt road that is closed off by a gate. Walk past the gate until you get to the dam, watch for submerged objects. Be respectful, clean up your trash and don’t graffiti. Google Map directions:

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