Tule River

Tule River Cliff Jumping 8 10 13

The Tule River is a magical place, there are so many spots to jump in and swim around. In this video we went to Tule River Falls and the Camp Wishon Slides. The cliffs at the falls range from 20 to 50 feet and the pool is around 12 feet deep. Be very careful while walking around because the granite is very slippery and you can easily fall and smash your titties or ballsack. Also be careful drinking and driving in Tulare County cuz the homie Josue got popped with an open container and they impounded his ride leaving 4 people stranded in the middle of Hicksville. They had to hitch a ride 4 hours back to LA with all their gear. FUCK THE POPES.

Directions: take the 190 east past Porterville/Lake Success/Springville to the Camp Wishon turnoff (M208). Continue along the 190 for 1.7 miles and park at the turnout on the right along the curve. Pickup the trailhead behind the Forest Service signboard and travel upsteam along the trail for 50 yards then you will come to a junction. Take the right fork and head downstream for 0.3 miles to the base of the falls.

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