Matilija Dam Cliff Jumping

Matilija Dam Cliff Jumping 8 4 13

There is a film coming out next year called DamNation, it’s a documentary about dams in America. It poses the question, “Does their utility outweigh their destructiveness?” Many individuals in the film agree that dams need to be destroyed to restore habitats for fish and animals, I am all for the destruction of most things, but it’s gonna suck when they remove Matilija Dam. The dam holds back Matilija Lake and in the process creates the perfect place for a summer cliff jumping session. The jump spots are on the side facing the lake, they range from 20 to 50 feet and I have yet to hit bottom. The pool below the lake is filled with a bunch of rebar and other dangerous crap so please don’t jump in there unless you enjoy surgery or death.

Directions: Take the 101 North to the 33 North into Meiners Oaks and follow signs for the 33. You will most likely go straight on the 150 cuz you are and idiot, don’t do it. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, at the Vons the road splits, take the left side for the 33. Follow this until you get to NORTH Matilija Canyon Road, make a left here. Drive up and over the hill, at 0.7 miles you will find a parking spot on the right. Park here, walk across the street to a dirt road that is closed off by a gate. Walk past the gate until you get to the dam, take off your clothes and jump in naked. For those of you who like Google Maps, here are driving directions.

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