JUMP OR DIE 4 20 13

Spent 4:20 at Jump or Die on Deep Creek in Hesperia. Also known as Hesperia Falls, this spot boasts a 45 foot jump into a twelve foot deep pool. Despite the graffiti, this place is very scenic. It lies along the tail end of Deep Creek right before it drains into the Mojave River. A three mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail takes you to this cliff jumping oasis.

DIRECTIONS: 10E to 15N exit 138E/Silverwood Lake. Make a right and drive 8.3 miles to the 173E, turn left and drive 7 miles to Arrowhead Lake Road. Make a left and go 0.9 miles to the parking area before the Saddle Dike Embankment. Park here and look for the yellow gate with the castle towers. Hike the top of the dam till you get to the spillway at the end with a trail signed for the PCT on the left. Climb up the switchbacks about 150 feet above the spillway and follow the PCT right (upstream) for 2 miles to a small foot trail on the right that leads to an abandoned gauging station and the swimmin hole. BRING A SHIT TON OF WATER CUZ THERE IS NO SHADE ON THIS HIKE.

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  1. G$
    G$ says:

    fuck the drive from LA I got a spot less than a half hour away.. I’ll be hitting this spot as well as Silverwood Lake all summer long ! Holler if your down !

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