Cliff Jumping in Oahu

Melissa and I took off to Oahu for two weeks to embark on a cliff jumping adventure. We stayed with OG LAS member Kaipo and his gf Jen. Jen let us borrow her truck the whole time so we hit up a different spot every day. Some of the places we wanted to go to were too nuts cuz the waves are insane during the winter. Laie Point being one of them along with Spitting Caves. All of the other spots were super chill. Here is a quick rundown of where we went.

Waimea Bay: The rock at Waimea Bay is about 20 feet tall with some smaller ledges to jump from. One must time his jumps with the tide as to not bottom out. There was a decent crowd while I was there, mostly vacationers, but everyone was friendly.


Kapena Falls: This spot has a 35 foot jump with some smaller 10 foot ledges next to the falls. There is a rope swing attached to a tree at the bottom along with another swing at the top of the 35 footer. I personally did not do the large one but I saw some other dude do it and he landed fine. The water is murky as with most streams in Hawaii, but depth ranges from 6 to 9 feet. Kapena Falls is located right next to the Pali Highway near Honolulu and is a very short walk that takes less than five minutes. There were 2 other groups of people, they were polite and jumped the big one.


China Walls: This spot is located near Koko Kai Beach. You basically drive into a neighborhood, pray for a parking spot and walk a couple minutes to the cliffs. The jumps range from 15 to 20 feet. When I went the tide was pretty mellow and I didn’t have to time my jumps with the waves. This spot is a huge party place, mostly college kids. There were people barbecuing, drinking beers and playing (you guessed it) Sublime. My favorite part about China Walls is the run up. You can get five or six steps in before you launch out to sea.


Waimano Falls: This place is a pain in the n-sack to get to. The trail is muddy, steep and long. When we hiked in there was another group of people hiking out, they seemed kinda pissed off that there was not much water flowing. It took about 40 minutes to “hike” there. I put that in quotes cuz you are basically sloshing through mud the whole time. When we got to the falls there was barely a trickle. I saw photos of this place on the internard and it looked amazing, but that was only after significant rainfall. I still jumped it and had an awesome time, but I want to go back when it’s flowing like you little sister’s first period.


Naohia Falls: Also called the Kalihi Ice Ponds by locals. The hike in takes about 15 minutes with the last 5 minutes mud sliding down the side of a hill. There are ropes everywhere to help you down/up but it is impossible to do this hike without looking like a fudgesicle. When we got there some locals were partying, drinking beers and roasting some shit on a small fire. There is also a trash can next to the swimming hole cuz this place gets trashed. There are 2 sets of falls each with deep swimming holes. The first falls has a giant 50 foot diameter swimmin hole that gets about 8 feet deep in the center. There is a 10 footer, 20 footer, 40 footer and a super sketchy 50+. I didn’t do the super high one cuz it takes some serious free-climbing skills to get up there. The second falls has an 8 foot deep pool about 15 feet in diameter with a 10 footer to jump from. This spot is very private and looks like a swimming hole you would see in Costa Rica.


Halona Beach: Also known as Eternity Beach is near Koko Crater and can be accessed via a turnout for the Halona Blowhole. This spot had about 30 people tanning and swimming with a few kids cliff jumping. The waves were raging and I had to time out my jumps with the tide. There is nothing really huge here to jump, 10 feet at the most, but the beach looks amazing and it is worth the visit.


Maunawili Falls: This is a fairly long and muddy hike much like Waimano. It is also easy to follow the wrong path, get lost and throw your iphone against a tree. After about 40 minutes you get to the falls and hope to god that no one else is there. There isn’t very much room to swim around and you don’t want to jump off a 40 footer and land on some kid, or do you? When we went, there were four other groups of three, we spoke to one group from Canada. They were pretty chill and we told them about some other cliff jumping spots on the island. There are 4 places to jump here. The main ledge is 12 feet tall, there is a 20 footer, 30 footer and on the other side a 40-something footer. The water is deep, I never touched bottom so it is at least 10 feet deep.


Sacred Falls: This spot is ILLEGAL. Don’t ask us how we got there, we had to go back in time before it became illegal to jump there. Actually lots of people go here all the time. There are a billion signs along the trail stating that it is illegal, but if the pigs catch you just tell them you are blind or can’t read English or some shit. I read a hundred accounts of people hiking here, talking about how rocks were falling down right next to them and almost killing them. The natives believe that the gods are throwing rocks at haoles because they are not supposed to be there. I didn’t see a single rock fall the entire time, but I will admit, the place creeped me the fuck out. Maybe it was just the power of suggestion from all the internet folklore about this place, maybe it was the fact that we hiked there on 12/21/12 when the world was supposed to end or maybe there is some mysterious presence about this place that has not yet been explained, either way it was freaky. I read on the internet that if you do go you are DEFINITELY not supposed to swim to the falls cuz it is sacred and the gods will suck you down, Kaipo’s mom also said that some kid got sucked down there and she suspects there is a lava tube underneath it, so I told Melissa to go swim to the falls and she did…nothing happened. There is not much in terms of jumping just a few 8 foot rocks here and there, but if you have some rappeling gear you can climb to the top of the 60 foot falls and jump it. The water is so deep that we could get nowhere near touching bottom. We were alone the entire time there, in fact we pumped right next to the falls. Nothing is sacred to Throbert Johnson.


Waimea Falls: This spot is up the canyon from the bay. I’m putting this spot on here cuz it can easily be jumped but there are lifeguards at the falls who will bitch at you if you start climbing up the rocks to do it. If you are fast and you don’t mind getting kicked out of the place then you can jump the right side of the falls which is about 40 feet tall. It costs 15 bucks to get into this place, so do the math and find out if it’s worth it to get that one jump in.

I hope you enjoyed the photos now watch the videos down below. If you want directions to these spots hit me up on the low.


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