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Went out to Sapphire Falls in Rancho Cucamonga for some cliff jumping adventures. Recently the city made it illegal to hike up the falls via the wash cuz some shithead resident keeps bitching about his swollen vagina. He doesn’t want people walking on his “property” and now the entire Rancho Cucamonga police force patrols the area 24-7 cuz those losers got nothing else better to do. Because of this, the trail up to the falls is now the biggest pain in the ass.

We hiked in the hard way and hiked out the illegal way cuz we couldn’t smell any bacon wafting in the wind. There are 4 sets of falls in Cucamonga Canyon, the one we went to is called Sapphire Falls cuz that is the name of the street you park on to visit. The trail to the falls is not for the feint of heart. You must be in decent physical shape with enough upper body strength to climb ropes. That being said, VISIT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Directions: 210 E exit Carnelian and go left up the hill. Turn left on Hillside road then make a right on Sapphire. Park at the intersection of Sapphire and Almond, be sure to observe parking restrictions as the pigs love to write tickets with their little hooves. Hike up Skyline Road as it turns into the Cucamonga Truck Trail. You will see many places to cut across into the canyon on the left. We went down where the white forest service gate blocks the road and descended the ropes to the canyon bottom. We then headed upstream and climbed the rope at the first falls. Five more minutes upstream takes you to the second falls where the cliff jumping action is. Continue up more ropes and another thirty minutes to the third and fourth falls. Hike out the way you came or chance it by walking out the wash and up Almond Street. Bring a fuck ton of water and CLEAN UP YOUR TRASH.

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