Matilija Falls 8 3 12

So Vanessa and Djo came into town for a week to go camping and cliff jumping. Since we hadn’t been out to Matillija this year we drove to check it out. The Pump, Eddy and Ricky Baby met up with us and we randomly saw Daniel and his buddies when we woke up at the camp site the next morning.

This place has changed a lot since we started going about 5 years ago. Most of the cliff jumping spots are completely filled in with giant rocks and even the giant waterfall jump is filled in with sand. We found one spot to jump and it was only 20 feet tall into 7 feet of water. Really hope that some flash floods will hit this canyon during winter and push out all the crap.

Directions: Take 101 north to 33 north in Ventura. Follow the 33 for a few miles through town and it will veer left at a Vons. Make sure you stay on the 33 the whole time then turn left on NORTH Matillija Rd. Follow the road 4 miles till it ends at a parking lot on the left. Walk down the road past the peacock sanctuary and you will cross the stream a few times. After 1.5 miles the road forks, take the left side and you will hit a T intersection then take a right and hike past another dudes house. IGNORE ALL SIGNAGE IT WILL THROW YOU OFF! The trail will cross the creek and will end up in a tunnel of trees. The camping spot is about 3 miles from the trailhead, the first set of falls is another 3 miles up the trail. When the creek splits the first time take the left side and follow it up to the double tier fall on the left. Right before the double tier fall is another creek coming in from the right, if you follow that creek it will take you to the upper pools and some amazing waterfalls. When you visit please pack out what you pack in. Keep this and all the outdoors clean.

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