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Yo donglers! Went to Red Rocks out in the Los Padres National Forest above Santa Barbara. The road out to Red Rocks has been closed for over a year and it FINALLY opened earlier this spring. This spot is always super sick. There are a few deep spots along the Santa Ynez river which winds its way out of the Santa Ynez mountains. A few of those deep spots have high cliffs, Red Rocks is the most famous.

Any weekend in the summer you will see a hundred or more people chillaxin, blazing the chron-chron and pounding brewdogs at Red Rocks. So if you are trying to take your girlfriend out for a skinny dip deep-dickin, this is not the place. Because of all the party people you can imagine how trashed the place gets. The trail to the swimmin hole is really short so bring some trashbags and clear out some bottles and cans. Even though the trash isn’t yours, you should feel obligated to clean up. The Earth is our home, not our trashcan.

Okay, sorry for being preachy. Directions are as follows:
Take Hwy 101 from LA and exit 154 to Lake Cachuma. Follow the road up the hill and over the San Marcos pass. Turn right on Paradise road and drive to the Red Rocks TRAILHEAD not Red Rocks Campground. There are cliffs to jump at the campground but they don’t go up to 88 feet. From the parking lot take the heavily used trail to the swimmin hole. Crack one open and dive in. You will need a Forest Adventure Pass but if you tell the people working the gate that your friends have an extra car pass waiting for you at the trailhead then you can park for free. Be cool, be safe and CLEAN UP YOUR FUCKING TRASH!

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  1. Henry
    Henry says:

    this looks really fun! do you have another trip planned in the near future? I’d love to do one of these before I have to leave

  2. Mike
    Mike says:

    Does the Forest Service still collect an Adventure Pass fee there? The Ninth Circuit Court ruled earlier this year in a case involving a National Forest in Arizona that the fee was unconstitutional, and since California is also in their jurisdiction, they shouldn’t be collecting it here anymore either (unless the government appeals, which seems unlikely). I assume that they can still collect a modest fee for Day Use areas and campgrounds, but as far as just pulling over off the side of the road and walking into undeveloped areas, charging people for that is just not cool.

  3. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    There is a booth on the road out there and they will stop you and ask for your pass or try and make you buy one. I’m sure the workers there have no idea about the court decision and you just have to out-smart them. But yeah, double taxation is theft and unconstitutional.

  4. G$
    G$ says:

    came here on fathers day and these crooks got me for using the day use area without paying the stupid $10 “fee” . I parked for less than 2 hours and even hauled out some trash like dirty diapers, plastic bottles, that some pigs left. Fuck them next time they can use that money to pick up the trash themselves, Commiefornia will find any way possible to force you to open your wallet. How you gonna charge a “fee” to use public lands that you already pay taxes on ? FUCK That shit!!

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