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Sup hookers?!?!?!?!?!!!! Last Saturday we went to the Rindge Dam out in Malibu Creek State Park. We parked the cars along Piuma Road and shuttled to the hike-down spot along Malibu Canyon Road. We crossed the top of the dam and made it down to the swimmin spot right before the rangers got there. There were helicopters hoovering above the dam checking in on us every 30 minutes. The rangers busted in and gave people tickets for cigarettes and open containers. Luckily most of us swam across the creek to a spot they couldn’t get to. FUCK THE RANGERS!

So the rest of the time was spent hucking flips and gainers off the rocks and ledges of the dam. Everyone went all out and busted some crazy gnar shit, cliff jumping at its most extreme. Super stoked that everyone had a good time and no one got hurt.

This video is in memory of Joel Rodriguez who lost his life last month jumping the dam. Rest in peace brother.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I love your website and your videos! I’ve been spending too many hours watching and reading.

    I went cliff jumping in Europe last year and I want to go here around LA! Do you have any recommendations for places to go this weekend? I was going off of your Top 5 List but it seems like the good spots change pretty often (like #3 Aztec Falls only has 7ft of water so it’s probably not the best place)


  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Woah, that was fast! Thanks and keep up the good work! I wish I knew about your fundraising campaign while it was still going on. I would have definitely bought that book! =(

  3. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    Actually I’m still gonna do it, but I’m waiting till next year. Right now I’m working on a cliff jumping documentary film. I will have a kickstarter up for it real soon along with shirts for sale and whatnot.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hello guys! I was thinking about going here today as my first cliff jumping trip. But I’m kind of nervous, how deep was it? Any tips for nervous noobs?

  5. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    Just take lots of water and sun block. Be super careful going down the hill and crossing the top of the dam. Also check for submerged rocks. Do all those and you will be fine. Have a good time!

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