MALIBU CREEK Rock Pools 10 22 11

Last update of the year brodogs and brocats. Once again I apologize for the delay. This was the farewell trip for Throb before he left to New York. We had a huge posse on this trip. Everyone from everywhere came out and we DESTROYED the Rock Pools. Tons of cliff jumping madness abound. Some douche bag broke his arm climbing around like a retard so we had to wait an hour for Search and Rescue to get his ass out before we could jump. I’m super stoked that Los Angeles Swimmin finally catalyzed in 2011. I can’t express my happiness in words so I’ll just thank all of you guys. I hope everyone got patches and koozies, for those who didn’t I’ll have Maggie print some up next spring.

Again thanks everyone for making this year a fucking blast. Gonna miss yall!

<3 Throb Directions: From Highway 101/Ventura Freeway, take Las Virgines Road in Calabasis towards the beach. Just after crossing Mulholland Drive you will see the Malibu Creek State Park entrance on your right. Park in the second parking lot if you want to pay. If not turn right on Mulholland before the state park and park your car on the side of the road. Hike down the trail till you get to the creek, then follow the creek to the right till you get to the rock pools. Stay safe, don’t jump if it’s too shallow.

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  1. losangelesswimmin
    losangelesswimmin says:

    water can be anywhere from 6-9 feet depending on the time of year. on the far end it can be 12 feet in certain spots. if you havent yet, add us on

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